Drukhari Flyers

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Drukhari Flyers

So I'm having a moral conundrum.  From a fluff point of view it makes sense to put flyers in my Wyche detachment but there's no really good mechanics reason for doing so.  None of the wyche obsessions benefit flyers at all.  What I want to do is toss them into a Kabal detachment so they get the obsession bonuses for either Black Heart or Flayed Skull (flayed skull almost certainly).  There's evidence to support Kabals having their own flyers but more support for putting 'em into a cult.  

The question:  How lame is it to put the flyers into a Kabal for the obsession bonus?

I dont really see any fluff

I dont really see any fluff issues with putting flyers in a kabal detachment. The kabal of the flayed skulls archon started as a reaver and thus is a master of airborne attacks. His kabal uses a large number of flyers. You could always say your archon has a similer affinity towards flyers in his kabal