Something's been bothering me

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Something's been bothering me

So I played a game a couple of weeks back and something didn't sit right.

I decided to dive into the rules and see if I could find an answer.  Here's the scenario:  My opponent assaulted a unit with multiple units.  My unit (Unit A) was assaulted by Unit 1 and Unit 2.  Unit 1 (my enemy) activated and absolutely gutted Unit A (my unit).  In fact, Unit 1 was able to destroy Unit A to a man.  This left Unit 2 all alone in the middle of the field.  

What sat weird with me was that Unit 2 was then given a pile in move and then allowed to consolidate.  They had charged but they weren't activated 'cause they weren't within 1" of any enemy units 'cause Unit A had been destroyed.  This doesn't seem right.  

Now.  After reading the rules (and a lot of commentary on assaults), it looks like in order to get a pile in move a unit needs to be activated.  A unit can only be activated when they are within 1" of an enemy unit.  The consolidate move is also dependent upon being activated.  So the way I read it if you can't be activated - even if you charged - you cannot pile in or consolidate.

Here's some weirdness:  You get to consolidate before another unit gets to activate.  Hmm...  I can't think of any shenanigans you can pull here but still...  Unlike previous editions you get your consolidate move even if you DON'T wipe out your opponent.  That's fun.

So...  Is my interpretation accuate?  If you don't think so I'd love to see your evidence.

Maybe I'm not understanding

Maybe I'm not understanding your post correctly, but doesn't "1. Choose Unit to Fight With" in the rulebook (pg. 182) explain this?

1. Choose Unit to Fight With
Any unit that charged or has models within 1" of an enemy unit can be chosen to fight in the Fight phase.

I don't believe a unit that charged has to be within 1" of an enemy in order to be activated.

- Troy

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Hey, Troy!  You understood

Hey, Troy!  You understood correctly. Thanks for the clarification. That totally answers my question. Ugh. I’ve been playing wrong. I didn’t think a charging unit could be activated if it wasn’t within 1”. 

It makes me look at how I declare charges with my World Eaters and Harlequins in a totally different way. I’m gonna start declaring charges against anything within 12” now!!!!