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Greetings, my friends!

It's August and there's war in the air.

Saturday the Fifth is the Summer of Slaughter Tournament! There's still slots left if you want to sign up:

And of course we're still having club days every Saturday at Brimstone. SCMC usually posts the "request" game post on the Tuesday. If you're having troubles finding the post, you can zip over to the Brimstone Calendar on iToysoldiers to see it. The link is at...

Greetings, Windsor folks!

It's time for another update on the goings on of the Greater Windsor Table Warriors!

First: Brimstone games has us slotted in for open gaming on Tuesdays and Saturdays. The good news: unless some whacky card or board game related event is going on, we can usually find a space to put our miniatures to the test.

That said, HQ Stopcallingmechief posts an event for every Saturday where you can submit your desired games and get matched up with a suitable opponent. Huge thanks to him for taking on this task!

Tuesdays are a bit less...

Ahoy, GWTW Commander and any other interested parties! It's time to kick off the second league of the 2017 league season for the Greater Windsor Table Warriors and friends! The last one kinda fell apart but I have those issues fixed so... Here are the details: The entry fee is $10 (all of which is...
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Monday, April 10, 2017 - 01:00


This league failed and it was all my fault. The release that was supposed to be super cool broke a bunch of things and me being me, I fell into a dark depression whilst working on fixing it - and it took a lot to fix and so I went AWOL. There's no really good excuse for why I do that but it's a thing and this league suffered for it and I sincerely apologize. I certainly hope you won't hold it against me for too long 'cause I'm going to get another league started that'll begin after the CanHammer tournament. I sincerely hope you'll all sign up. I promise it won't happen...

So, I have spoken to Sean today and made an agreement that Club Days as we know them, will no longer exist...Does this mean we don't have official days to play Warhammer games anymore? NOOO! In fact, it will now be even better!

From now on, Saturdays and Tuesdays are official Warhammer days (or other miniature tabletop games) and it will now very simply be up to you, the club member, to setup your games in the club forum or simply show up Saturdays and Tuesdays and take on any other walk-ins. Now, I am aware there are some who may rely on Sunday's or in fact, any other day to get...