BCB - Battle Brothers II

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I'm going with McKay. Gonna be rad

Got a guy coming from wisconsin who is lookig for a partner. He plays necrons. If anyone is still looking please let me know 226-260-6366. if no one can play with him, I will end up playing with him. 


Im trying to sit out and TO so if anyone wants to join please make some noise!

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My buddy ryan doesn't have a partner, I don't know what his name is on the site though. I'll get him to text you.

do doors open at 10? Or does the event start at 10?

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doors open at 10. tourney usualyy starts around 1030-11.


wisconsin guy has a teammate.

Great Tournament. Lots of fun and the armies were completely different this time. Things really shook up!

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i had fun, i want sure about PL vs points, but i knew the meta would be different than it normally is because obviously different things are good in PL than points, and not hating on the taunar but was nice to see Bradys squad take it down. Enjoyed all 3 of my games, just wish we got further during game 2 vs Clem and Kyle.

Well for sure points are more preferable. Was just a neat chance to try new things. Still love doubles tournaments. Great job with the conscript blob