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Very excited for this. 

General Soban


Im not sure how the PL is working out for other guys, but my list is only gonna be about 4k worth of models and than upto 1k of filler things i wouldnt normally take like augar arrays or track guards since those dont affect PL.


aslo, the first turn rolloff for deployment, are we gonna just do alternate deployment than? or whoever wins the roll mass deploys and the other side deploys second than gets a chance to sieze? or alternate deployment but each team drops 1 unit for each player than the other team drops 3?


edit: confirmed i have the day off and will be there. And like Soban im pretty excited, and judging by the lineup i get the feel this could end up being old school vehicle clash ( i suspect me, deathfang and soban will have a ton of them) not just a 8th edition game of using the most efficient units only.

Less then a week away hope everyone is getting pumped for one of the best events of the year :) 

General Soban


I jus moved into Belle River and I am getting back into the game after a couple years off could I come by in the afternoon and watch some of the game?

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I'll speak for Dan:  of course. We will get you the address. 

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Thanks looking forward to it

I'm so excited for this game I almost painted something!

And, of course, dilly3445, you're welcome to come by.  I will pm you with my address.

Weridly enough im not bringing a full armor list like normal, though don't worry there will still  be a solid armor compliment of the Luna Wolves :) 

General Soban


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Fun game yesterday.  Thanks for coming.

Who is missing a red tape measure?