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There is a link in the description that will take you to the pdf of the rules and game package that will be provided to each team. Prizes are going to be great with Brimstone and BIGJay helping out based on the amount of teams we get. Grand prizes will be more focused around painting, battle and tactics instead of just the usual 1st 2nd and 3rd.

hope to see you all there!

I would ve interested if anybody wanted to partner up

Did you guys ask Sean and Brimstone about this? Last 2 times I've asked him about a free date to start up the monthly tournaments again he said there was no available time for the next two months, I asked around the 3rd of this month and again last week so I'm surprised to see you guys have 2 events next month at Brimstone but I guess something must of opened up.

Also are you guys going to be doing tournaments/events every month now? Does that mean the clubs monthly tournaments (my tournaments) are pushed out now? Because I would love to start hosting the ITC type events again and have been trying to get them up but no available days.  I have people asking about it, and I want to get people ready for the real ITC event when it comes in a few months, but I can't if  every available slot is always taken. Can we work out a deal or something where we go back and forth for who gets to host an event? Please?

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I asked them and they said sure. A friendly non competitive tournament is exactly what we need to bring our community together. If you wanna run ITC hit up the other events around our area, there are plenty.

Could you please keep all comments on this thread about THIS tournament. If you have a question about another topic, please create a new forum post.

Hope to see you there!

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There honestly aren't that many ITC events outside of going to the States which some people can't do, or travelling up near Toronto which also some people can't do, there are none around here at all... I'm just asking that we can come to some sort of agreement where we can trade off months and take turns hosting events instead of "first come first serve". I don't think that's asking for much and I think it's very reasonable. I'll make a new post where we can discuss that topic though.

And about this event: IMO this event isn't exactly "friendly and non competitive", sure it might be friendly but it definitely isn't going to be non-competitive - you're charging money for it and using a different set of missions that casual players won't be used to, making it seem like more of a competitive tournament that's not meant for casuals. If this is supposed to be a casual tournament why not just use the regular GW missions, that will attract more casual players if that is what this tournament is aiming for. Not trying to take anything away from it, I'm sure it will still be a good event but to me it reads as if its a Competitive event. It's extremely hard to have a tournament with an entry fee and custom missions thats not competitive because thats just the nature of tournaments.

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Dude i asked them and they said yes. Idk if you can run your tournaments but ill give you a hint, if you have been asking and keep getting declined then you may have to look at another venue. My approach was with renting the space and providing revenue to brimstone and inserting it into the community.if they had declined i would have ran it elsewhere. If you are asking me if I am going to be running an itc tournament, the answer is no, i will.leave that to other people. I am running a game i think will be fun.


Now for fuck sake please stop destroying this thread with irrelevant opinion and questions you should be asking some one else.

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Wow, sorry for saying anything.

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Why the butthurt? ITC rules aren't even that bad. But w.e to each organizer their own.  So this will just be regular games with no ITC rules? 

This seems like a real fun event to bring our club together for some fun games. I'll see In a couple of weeks if I'm good to play. I'm not picky on my partner and I'll fill in with anyone really. I think we'll have a great turnout for it as well!



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im with West in the sense i wont know till the last minute (literally the thursday before the tournament), as i have already booked off the 10th for the Apoc game and the following weekend is family day and i booked that weekend off also, im not sure if work would allow me to take another weekend off in February. Assuming i can go id prolly be willing to play with anybody since i imagine most teams would be set by that late date.