Club day, August 25th, 2018

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Order of Battle



Suggested Events


I would be interested in playing a game of Kill Team at 1. I'm thinking 100pts with only level 1 specialists. I haven't played one yet and it seems really fun just by looking at the rulebook

Available for a game, any time.

I'd like a 2k Game of 40k at 1.

Looking for a Sunday game at noon if anyone’s free

I will be in at 4 if anyone is looking for a game

I might be down for another game at 4, romanumerals.

And Ben, I'm free Sunday but I'm sure you're getting sick of just playing against my Blood Angels lol. 

lol naw it’s all good Troy we’re 1-1 we gotta play a rubber match. I’m gonna bring something different to change things up though