Club Day Jan 5

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Order of Battle




I’d like a game around 10:30. I’m pretty flexible on points/competitive level up to 2000. 

Looking for 2000 points of 40k or sigmar. Any time

-Ryan McKay

I'm back from the dead....would love a 2k point (morning slot) Warhammer 40k game if anyone is down 

I got the day off now, your on Dan

most excellent!   Do you want to go up against the Death Guard?   Or my robots of death (aka some freshly painted knights)

The Death Guard please and thank you sir

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sounds good!!  see you tomorrow at aorund 10am!

Hey guys, forget to share some info about Brimstone's new hours in the new year. So Saturday's new hours are 11AM - 8PM, so for future Club Days the time slots will have to change to reflect that.

HOWEVER, tomorrow the 5th, Brimstone will be open at 10am because I forgot to inform Ben :p

- Troy

First time comong to club day who wants to play ?