Clubday, April 14th, 2018

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Order of Battle




1 PM 40k. Casual or Competitive. Like usual I would like to play some ITC missions but I'm down for anything.

Looking for a game of 40k at 10. 1500 points preferably.

-Ryan McKay

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Hey, sir. Looking forward to our game. I've a better grasp on the rules I messed up in our last game. 

1 pm 40k casual maybe 4pm too 

I'd like a 10 am game. 

just gonna throw out there to Windsors other Canhammer team , we got Ivor and Eric (from out of town), at the store at 10, and if one of the other team guys sign up i can make both 10 and 1 pm timeslots maybe get 2 practise games in.

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They will be there all day, I'll have a 4 against one of them likely. Be a good week to get late games in as well

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Ryan, I can throw down at 10am if needed

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k ill schedule us to play at 10 than.

1pm casual at 2000pts. ?