Clubday, February 24th, 2018

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Order of Battle




From talking to Iavor, we're gonna have at least 5 tables for the tournament.....we gonna room for additional games??

i have no idea, club day has never had a limit on games and if there is less tablespace or if because the scenery update maybe we have less overall? nobody has mentioned it to me. I just throw up the warning basically that theres an event  going on, but guys might still want to play a league game.

I'm going to make it to club day this week, if anyone is interested in a non tourney game.  2000 pts competitive.


1:00 pm slot, please

I'l find out if I'm working tomorrow and don't plan on playing in the tournament so I'm free for 1

Forgot to comment here but I do have the day off and will be there for 1