ClubDay, January 20th, 2018

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Order of Battle




Looking for a 1 o'clock game. 2000 pts

Need one last practice game before lvo. 2k 10am

Sign me up for a 10 am. Possibly a 1pm as well, pending on gf aggro.

Looking to play at 10am 40k 2000pts

AKA Jonas Grey

down for at least 1 game, possibly 2....will update tomorrow

4pm 2000pts if any one wants to play 

Didnt have a matchup by 2 on friday, im gonna commit to something else.

I'm likely going to be stuck at home so if anyone wants to venture out to Tilbury for a game on Saturday that'd be grand. 

I promise to give a sneak peek of the new narrative campaign manager. 

Nevermind Fellas, im out. Buddy Rob is down from, London so we're gonna game at my place. 

Put me down for a morning and afternoon game. Competitive 2k preferred but I will be open to a softer game.

"How ironic it is that, as fast as we spread progress and hope throughout the galaxy, the Tyranids spread death and despair." -AUN'SHI OF VIOR'LA