ClubDay, May 19th, 2018

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Order of Battle




Lookin to play a game of 40k at 1pm. 2000pts

AKA Jonas Grey

Willing to play 40k at 10 and/or 1. 2000 pts.

I have seen the death of stars, mortal. I have seen the gods themselves bowed and broken, enslaved to the whims of the empire. And you think to resist?
- Overlord Lacras of the Mephrit Dynasty

I've got a 10am game with Chronic. 

I’m in for a 10 am game, I’ll know for sure if I’m free by tomorrow afternoon 

Would like to play for 1 at 2000 points

I'm looking to play 10am, 2000 points 40k.

Im in for 2000pts 40k 10am and 1pm 

Confirmed to be off tomorrow 

Can also do a 10am game if anyone wants to. 

Can also do a 10am game if anyone wants to.