Clubday, May 26th, 2018

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Order of Battle




I'll play 10am 40k. Casual or competitive.

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will you like a casual game of 1250 points?

As long as I don’t work I’ll take on the Company Master, he has yet to play my Custodes post codex

1 pm and 4 pm competitive 40k since I'm still practicing for an upcoming tournament. I still need practice against Nids, Necrons, Eldar/DarkEldar/Ynnari, admech, tau, and knights so if anyone has those armies and are willing to play I would appreciate it. I am willing to play against anything though, just figured I'd mention what I would like some help with. 

If anyone wants to play some AoS I can do 10am. Would like at least 2k points. I may be going to DEMF that day so ill confrim the match beforehand.

I am indeed gonna be working tomorrow so I’m out this week 

Iavor and i are playing aos at 10. (Thanks Ben)

am 2k pts 40k friendly game

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sorry Dom didnt see this intime was at a wedding