Dreadcember 2017

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Player VP Victory Defeat
150 3 0
84 2 1
Space wolves/imperium
69 2 1
68 2 1
Craftworld Eldar
36 0 3
27 0 3

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yeee boyeee

Maybe im missing something obvious but you mention first to deploy gets +1 on the first turn roll....so what determines that? Is it the loser of the first objective placement deploys first and gets this bonus? ( ie. You want to lose the objective roll so u deploy first and get the +1 for first turn)


Im just trying to makesure i get the rules right when it comes to army composition. Like my guard army with 30 drop has the same chance as say Dan with his knights to get the +1 for first turn despite him having 4 drops?

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Based on the fact that the other rules are all from the preview of the chapter approved rules posted on the 40k community site, then you get the +1 if you were the first to finish deploying your army. That's what he meant. Like how in the rulebook, the first to finish deploying goes first, now it would be the first to finish deploying gets +1 to go first. I imagine that will be cleared up by the organizer

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RAW vs RAI? 


I know the itc rule but he specifically says "first player to deploy" gets +1 which isnt the itc rule at all

Chief, it is exactly like ITC in that the first player to finish deploying their army gets a +1 to a roll-off to determine first turn. I have re-worded the rules above to communicate that more clearly.

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thx, i assumed and we played thatway saturday but wanted to be clear.

Bringing the Daemons of Slaanesh. Eff it. :)

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I was thinking about orking it up

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you wont. I see Girly Man in the near future

Do armies have to be completely painted to be in this event?