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    I play Warhammer 40K. I'm a Dark Eldar Snob. I made this site.


Never attended an event like this before,Are there any rules for this event like a points cap or wargear limitations?

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Nope.  Although I should probably state that only infantry models are allowed. 

Can we bring a named character or only regular HQs

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Named characters are allowed. 

For AoS Models, are we allowed a command trait and relic? Or only relic?
Also, can the Relics provide healing buffs to the Hero? (IE Regenerate 1 wound per turn)

Plays Khorne in AOS!

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Just the relic. 

I'm planning on using celestine. Could I use her two geminae with her since they are one unit?

-Ryan McKay

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No. One model only. 

Hey guys unfortunately I have to  bow out. Papa nurgle has blessed my kids at day care and they decided to bring home his many gifts to our house. Best of luck guys

   I don’t see a link to register but sign me up with grey knights 

A puppy bit me today, made me cry and stuff.