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    I play Warhammer 40K. I'm a Dark Eldar Snob. I made this site.


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If you're practicing for ITC/ETC I would recommend following those rules for your list although you are not compelled to do so for the purpose of the league. Any legal Battle Forged army is legal for the league. 

Just because you aren't ALWAYS playing the ITC missions doesn't mean the games won't be "good competitive 40k".... I honestly dont know why you would even think that. And plus, i can't reaaaalllly see anyone saying NO! i wont play ITC missions with you!   im sure most people dont really care which mission they play, playing new missions and adapting to them makes you a better player in my opinion. And i know i speak not only for myself but a few other people who have already signed up, we could care less which missions we play, and would gladly play ITC missions should we be paired up against you. And besides, league matches are once every two weeks, and if you do get paired with someone who absolutely refuses to play the missions you want, it'll be like one game in a month you're missing out on ITC practice.... and now im rambling.....but at the end of the day its obviously your call. If you dont want to sign up and play some good players, then don't. But i think its a pretty lame reason to not participate.