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Player Victory Defeat Draw
Craftworld Eldar
4 0 0
Genestealer Cult/Nids
3 1 0
Space Wolves/ Legion of the damed
2 1 1
Chaos Space Marines: World Eaters
2 1 1
2 2 0
Talons of the Emperor
2 2 0
Space Wolves
1 3 0
Dark Angels
1 3 0
Space Wolves
1 3 0

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Ahoy, GWTW Commander and any other interested parties! It's time to kick off the second league of the 2017 league season for the Greater Windsor Table Warriors and friends! The last one kinda fell apart but I have those issues fixed so...

Here are the details:
The entry fee is $10 (all of which is returned as prized for the top three players based upon battle results. We’re trying something different with paying league fees. Rob/Sizzly will be collecting them via PayPal or in person – we’re going to try and reduce the strain on Brimstone Games as much as possible. A button will be sent out with the relevant button to pay via Paypal once we have 4 players.

The league begins on April 10th and new rounds begin every two weeks on Monday @ 1am. The length of the league will depend upon the number of players.

Scoring is determined by battle results only. A win is worth 5 points, a draw is worth 3 and a loss is worth 1 point. If there are an odd number of players a bye is worth 5 points.

Pairing is determined randomly for the first turn and then by descending battle score for all additional rounds. Every attempt is made to prevent players from playing the same person twice in the league. In the case of an odd number of players the bye is awarded to the player in last place. A player should only receive a bye once per league.

Byes and forfeits do not count towards achievements or stats on iToysoldiers - only games played are recorded in such a way as to generate stats.

And now for the really fun part: Army Composition.

Armies are limited to 1850 points. You must continue to use the same faction for the entire league (this includes Space Marine Chapter Tactics so if you sign up as Imperial Fists you must continue to use Imperial Fists doctrines throughout the league). Lists are not fixed between opponents.

Armies must be considered "Bound". Unbound army lists are not allowed. By definition this means that every unit must be part of a detachment or a formation. A unit may only be part of a single detachment OR formation.

Allies may be used but follow the rules presented in the rule book based upon their relationship to your primary faction.

Any valid 7th edition army lists (Forgeworld or GW) may be utilized. 30K army lists are valid. If you have any questions feel free to contact the (Sizzly's judicating this bit).

You must use FW or GW models representing the faction/units in your list (although rule of cool can be brought to bear. Contact to confirm this applies to your proxies). Proxied models must be kept to a minimum and your opponent has the right to make you use the proxies as modeled (i.e. That's not a a grav gun! That's a bolter! S4AP5 Rapid fire for you!). Make sure to discuss proxies before the game.

If you have any questions, commentary, or what have you don't hesitate to ping Sizzly. There’s also an FAQ related to participating in iToysoldiers leagues that you can review. It’s a work in progress so let me know if there’s anything missing!

Carpe Acies!

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    I play Warhammer 40K. I'm a Dark Eldar Snob. I made this site.


always a fan of these leagues, however right after Canhammer (the very next day in fact) I leave for Europe for 2 months, so i'll have to pass on this one unfortunately....but hey....Europe!

Sure. I'm in. It'll give me motivation to finish painting my double demi company.

Im down like a clown, Charlie Brown.

(Reply to #3)

Then sign up, you should.

I am in.


(Reply to #5)

You're back! So thrilled!

(Reply to #6)

Thanks! I see there are a few more players of the puppies which will be fun !


(Reply to #7)

Yeah, the Wolves sure seem to be popular in this league. I intend to disabuse them of their assault dominance. Heh.

Count me in for this

Cause what Tyler needs is an uncontested win. *snicker.