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Ill bring the 300 PL maximum.

I’ll be bringing 300 pl as well. 

I should be good. Tau 300+pl

I will also be bringing 300 PL.

Below are the custom characters I have created and what a character submission should roughly look like. The important things to include are; name, stats, PL cost, rules are defined, selected chapter approved rules used are clearly labelled, type of hero (hero, mighty hero, legendary hero), and a short bio of your character.


Bahamut, King of Tyrants

Bahamut was first spotted on the world of Tarsonis II when a small splinter fleet remnant of Hive Fleet Leviathan entered system after the cataclysmic warp rift. Tarsonis II was an Agri-world well defended by forces of the Astra Militarum, House Basch of the Imperial Knights, and a nearby Blood Angels successor chapter known as The Angels of Light. In a desperate need for biomass to begin re-growing the now relatively small splinter fleet, the Tyranids made haste towards Tarsonis II and began consuming biomass upon planetfall. Caught unaware by the sudden appearance and lightning fast planetary assault by the Tyranids, Imperial forces were slow to contain the invasion until High King Balthier and a dozen of his loyal knights formed a cordon alongside Astra Militarum forces and the small contigent of Angels of Light which effectively halted the swarm's advance and had begun to even push back the hoard. Having identified the Imperial Knights as the significant threat to the planet's consumption, the Leviathan was quick to respond with an altogether new form of weapon beast. From the skies came a new leader organism in the similar form of a Hive Tyrant except this one was significantly different. It had two fleshy pinions which it gracefully soared upon and dodged Imperial guns. The mass of the Tyrant was also notably larger than its predecessors and its larger cranium produced a psychic shield strong enough to effortlessly stop even the deadliest fire directed towards it. In mere moments, the Hive Tyrant flew headlong into the Imperial Knights, directly towards High King Balthier. When the surrounding Knights attempted to fire their guns, an unimaginably powerful psychic force caused seizing of limbs leaving the Knights easy targets. The Hive Tyrant then seized High King Balthier and with but a few sweeps of its terrible claws, tore the knight hero into nothing in a matter of seconds. This assault continued until every last Imperial Knight was torn apart with Psychic blasts and horrendously effective claws. When the Imperial Knights were no more, the Tyrant then turned its attention of the line of Astra Militarum armor and Space Marine aircraft. Tarsonis fell just 3 days later and Imperial forces were forced to retreat towards a nearby mining planet to re-group, while the Swarm gorged on the rich biomass and grew in size.


Bahamut, King of Tyrants (Legendary Hero)

PL: 19

M: 16'/12'/8'

WS: 2+/3+/4+

BS: 3+/3+/4+

S: 7

T: 7

W: 12

A: 5

LD: 10

Sv: 3+

Bahamut is a single model armed with tyrant claws, prehensile tail, wings, adrenal glads, and toxin sacs.

Tyrant claws: range: melee/type: melee/S:+1/AP:-4/D:4/abilities: this weapon counts as two sets of scything talons (see Codex: Tyranids). In addition, you can re-roll failed wound rolls for attacks made with this weapon.


- Shadow in the Warp, Synapse, The Will of the Hive Mind, Swooping assault, Death Throes (see Codex: Tyranids)

- Enhanced Psychic Barrier: Bahamut has  3+ invulnerable save.

- Psychic Suppression: Enemy units cannot fire Overwatch at this model.

Psyker: Bahamut can attempt to manifest two psychic powersn each friendly Psychic phase, and attempt to deny one psychic power in each enemy Psychic phase. It knows the Smite power and two powers from the Hive Mind discipline.

Faction Keywords: TYRANIS, <HIVE FLEET>


Chapter Approved rules used: Stealth Assault, Artificer Weapon, Shredder, Brutal, Razor's Edge, Ferocious Combatant, Mighty, Divine Protection.

"How ironic it is that, as fast as we spread progress and hope throughout the galaxy, the Tyranids spread death and despair." -AUN'SHI OF VIOR'LA

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I've been working on my hero. Do the rules adjust PL? I didn't see anywhere if it did

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In Tylers opening paragraphs theres language on howmuch PL stuff costs. 1 PL for each ability, 2 for aura abilities, 2x pl for titanic units

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"How ironic it is that, as fast as we spread progress and hope throughout the galaxy, the Tyranids spread death and despair." -AUN'SHI OF VIOR'LA

I will be bring 106 pl of tyranids

Just trying to figure out what im going to run. Won't be alot since I think im going to be choas this year. 


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