Windsor Regimental Review

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Order of Battle



About the Organizer

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    I play Warhammer 40K. I'm a Dark Eldar Snob. I made this site.


what sized army is appropriate or game systems? Like would it be a small 40k army of like 1k points or what? Is it just the one category or are there single model categories and such?

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Any game system or army is appropriate. I imagine that some folks'll have a ton of models and other folks might have a squad or a single model. It's really up to you. Whatever you want to show off is appropriate. 

As for categories:  there will be multiple categories for sure. What those categories are is to be determined but rest assured it'll be a decent variety. 

Do I have to start a new army to enter into this event

A puppy bit me today, made me cry and stuff.

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You absolutely do not need to start a new army. I'd love to see the Imperial Treasures make an appearance. 

hadnt officially signed up but now im working this saturday now. Take lots of pictures!

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Will do.

First off thanks to Rob for organzing the event. Second off glad to see all those army there and glad we as a group have grow so much.

General Soban