Windsor Regimental Review

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Order of Battle




Ahoy! You are cordially invited to show off your army in the very first Windsor Regimental Review!

Anyone can take part in the Windsor Regimental Review.  All you need to do is build and paint an army and bring it to Brimstone Games on November 18th between 11AM and 1PM.  

The only restriction is that your army needs to fit in an area no larger than 2' x 2'.  Feel free to bring a display board along with your army (which is... less than 2' x 2').

The winner of the various categories will be determined by popular vote.  We'll also have some judges circling and reviewing armies.  Their job will be to give you some feedback on your army (you can opt out of that, for sure).  So even if you're not confident of walking away with a prize, you'll get some valuable feedback on how to improve the look of your army.

This event is open to any player with any game system.  Bring your army and show off the hard work you've put in.  I cannot wait to see your army!

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what sized army is appropriate or game systems? Like would it be a small 40k army of like 1k points or what? Is it just the one category or are there single model categories and such?

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Any game system or army is appropriate. I imagine that some folks'll have a ton of models and other folks might have a squad or a single model. It's really up to you. Whatever you want to show off is appropriate. 

As for categories:  there will be multiple categories for sure. What those categories are is to be determined but rest assured it'll be a decent variety.