8th Edition is coming soon!

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8th Edition is coming soon!

Rejoice wargamers! 8th edition has been officially announced. No release date that i saw yet but go check out the community site now to confirm this glorious news! Many of us are welcoming a new edition and I for one, couldnt be more excited to see new life breathed into the game. I can only hope my Tyranids return to their former glory :)

I think it was the Preferred

I think it was the Preferred Enemies podcast that predicted June/July release. At this point I'm thinking Mid-late May. Also they said they'd be doing daily articles on WHC leading up to the release.

All codices available on day 1 and free core rules download. Good guy GW.

I know I'm reasonably excited

I know I'm reasonably excited. New is usually tons of fun.

I'm thrilled that they're not dropping any models and Death Guard is going to get some love. That's cool.

As somebody who played in the

As somebody who played in the second to third edition rules advancement that included a reset of all the books, i had wondered how they would reset the rules but keep the books, obviously thats not the case now and its a good thing. Ive heard the rumors of vehicles with a wounds characteristic and the loss of the the AP system for armour saves, both things i look forward to. Vehicles are just to weak right now when compared to MC by the simple fact MC cant really be oneshot (except by the dirty D). I also hope they revamp the magic system, i despise it right now but to be fair nobody at our club runs any of the cheddar magic lists that are available.

Im also curious what the new assault vehicles rules will be, will it be rhino rush 2.0, or at the very least maybe you should be able to charge out of a rhino that didnt move the previous phase (or wave serpent in my case), would just open up more unit variety, i think weve all had enough of 2 editions of pure shooty dominance but at the same time i dont want it to go back to blind assault domination.

I think its just officially killed any desire i have to play another 7th edition game though....gonna have to slog through my league games still though ofcourse.

Sad actually. I've enjoyed

Sad actually. I've enjoyed this edition and it's rules.more then any other. Sounds like they are totally throwing it away. I was going to build new armies, now I'll just throw it all on the back burner. Killed my motivation to be honest. I know everyone's so happy about it, just not how I feel.

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Oh, I get you. New versions

Oh, I get you. New versions of games are always a bit dicey. I have to admit that 6th and 7th have been kinda rough on me and my choice of armies so I'm enthusiastic about a new version but anytime a game system is reset it's hard. I totally see where you're coming from. You build an army to conform with a system's meta and you've put a lot of work into it. A new meta? Is that work still viable? I'd say, yeah. Your armies are beautiful and there's no reason to be discouraged. Hang in there, sir.

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It takes me 2-3 years to get

It takes me 2-3 years to get an army done. Sadly with a complete reset I'll be done for awhile. If they said we could still use our codecs as they always have I'd of been ok.

"There is no such thing as evil, only perspectives."

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It is a complete reset but

It is a complete reset but all the models are still valid... I guess it only matters if you're really gunning for mathhammer - which as everyone knows, I don't. :> You'll be fine! Your lovely army will still be playable, me thinks.

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This was actually answered in

This was actually answered in the live Q&A they did. If you have a battle forged army in 7th, you will have a battle forged army in 8th. They said that specifically.

I kinda hope not...

I kinda hope not. Battle forged armies in 7th could be more broken than could be believed. The rules were fun, but some of the armies were so much better than the run of the mill it was painful. I crave balance again, so I'm personally looking forward to 8th.

Hoping 8th ed. is good

I have been away from the game since the start of 7th and am looking to get back into the game with my bids and blood angels. So far, from what I've read I like what I see.

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