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Battlescribe data files

Hello Everyone!
I'm wondering if there are any suggestions on where to get battle scribe data files for 40k The files that I have are well simply put garbage, they go against codex instruction faulty point systems, Improperly built formations or at least with the space wolves codex they do! Some of the examples are won't allow 2 cc weapons on wolf cav, formation rules in codex says lone wolf no cost battlescribe says 20points per and so on. I'm wondering if any one else has come across this? Or does anyone have a trust worthy source for data files to produce with battlescribe?

Do you have the new

Do you have the new battlescribe 2.0? I havent experienced any real issues with it so far. The only thing i have noticed is that adding lords of war in a 30k detachment is annoying...I have also just downloaded my files from the top google search site which i believe is thei own data bank.

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Yes! I got the new one, I had

Yes! I got the new one, I had some problems but nothing like this then last week everything went to crap on it. We had our club day and I made my list no problem then Sunday night made another list and it's been problems ever since. I have uninstalled and reinstalled still the same issues. At this point my 1850 point list will show 100 to 200 points over just based on bad data.

I think it's Improperly put

I think it's Improperly put together space wolves data

i have found some issues with

i have found some issues with the space wolves data also mostly with weapons either not being there at all or in the wrong column (replaces shooting weapon when it should replace close combat weapon) and points costs being off

what formation gives you free lone wolves ?

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i think its a standard rule

i think its a standard rule in all formations?? For every troop selection you can take one lone wolf at no additional point cost? but to my understanding you still have to pay for any weapon choices and at 20 points a model and never a scoring unit they seem pretty limited.

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i will check the codex agin

i will check the codex agin but thats what it says in battlescrib....update.... i updatey data today and its worling much better, actually has the formation rules and model stats still point issues with the long fangs but its alot better after the last update.