Can we take turns running events for the Club?

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Can we take turns running events for the Club?

As everyone knows, I try to run ITC style events for our club so everyone can practice in a competitive environment for when they want to travel to other bigger tournaments like the LVO. Its been hard getting an event in the past few months because it seems like more people want to start running their own events and brimstone doesn't have enough dates to give out, so with the way it works right now its a "first come first serve" for who ever can get a date to host an event at brimstone which I think isn't fair.

I propose we get a schedule up and take turns hosting events if multiple people still want to host events. This way people can run the formats they like the best and everyone can be happy for the most part because everyone will get a chance to play the formats they like.

TBH I'd be cool with just going to local events if the events were following ITC missions and rules because I'd much rather play in an event than run it, but it seems some people in the club are reluctant on adopting the ITC missions and rules even though the majority of North American and European clubs have already adopted it. If you look up Major tournaments in NA the vast majority of them all use ITC missions and rules, so I personally think the club should adopt them for events since if you want to travel for events they will be using the same format so might as well practice for it.

What do you guys think? 

Firstly let me just say that

Firstly let me just say that I do not mean any of this negatively or in an aggressive manner. I just think you need to hear this because no one else seems to have brought it up to you and explained the situation.


I have no problem with what you want to run and what rules you want to use. However you need to discuss this with brimstone and not Itoysoldiers. I cannot speak for Tyler, but I do not have a set schedule of events I plant to run. When I feel like running an event I take the time to set it up and make sure it is done professionally and properly (and not simply pull some rules of the net and put some tables together). If brimstone is busy I run the event at another venue, there are quite a few in windsor. If you expect me to cancel one of my tournaments to let you run your ITC, the answer is no that wont happen.

Scheduling is through brimstone and not myself, tyler or anyone (other than possibly BIGJay) on Itoysoldiers. If they don’t have time for you but have time for another tournament then you need to figure out why that is happening.

If you want to run ITC or want to play ITC then you are going to have to run the tournaments or find someone who will assist you. In our club the people who play ITC tend to practice outside of brimstone. They do this for events that you are talking about all around north America and Europe. Running an ITC event with our 5-6 competitive people in our small community is pretty boring and pretty much pointless.

We need to focus on people having fun, more people joining the game and more people actually coming out to events. If we keep having ITC events with rules just taken off the internet and 6 people showing up we are just wasting our time. After speaking with the Brimstone staff they are ALL under the impression that more narrative is required and less competitive events need to be ran. Not only do they belive this they are open and willing to provide sponsorship and prize support. They want to see new faces and get more business obviously and ITC does not bring that to brimstone. The fact that our saturday morning game sessions (which you are never part of) produce more people showing up than a tournament shows how little people actually WANT to play ITC.

Just because you, and all of these phantom people (I have never met)you are talking about, like ITC does not mean the rest of our community does, nor does it mean that it is a healthy and viable practice to continue for brimstone. It really is not that hard to get 4 guys together and put 50$ down to get a night out in London Toronto or any local area. Shit, ive gone to two tournaments without even paying for gas because the people in our club are COOL.

In conclusion id like to ask you show a little more professionalism, respect and keep your opinion out of it if you intend to be a TO, player or itoysoldiers user. Shiiting on someone elses thread for their tournament with your woes will not get you any more closer to your goal. Neither will talking smack about people on your youtube channel.

 Find the people you need to talk to and honestly ask them why YOU can’t get any dates. It may be hard to hear but I don’t think its because brimstones agenda is full… no matter the outcome you will have a concrete answer and it will give you the opportunity to move forward with your passions.

Please know:  if you mess with my event again it will become personal.  I wish you good fortune in your endeavours running ITC events and hope you come out for the 2v2.

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All this here is correct what

All this here is correct what groochie said.


I'm not sure chronic who you are, but if you want to be competitive and do stuff then just travel for it. The club is about having fun. We don't need monthly tournaments or anything forced on anyone. I am going to speak up for our club however in saying your actions here on the forums represents us poorly. I hope your not like this at the store or elsewhere. Your attacks here are not what we need as a community. You can't just direct the club to what you want, you act like you the proclaimed leader of us. 

I'm going to go tonight to Brimstone to apologize for you, and in advance for anything else you might do. Make sure they know your not supreme leader here.


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Oh boy.

Alrighty.  Before this descends further into anarchy.  Let me intervene.

First.  I'm posting this under the "Sizzly" hat - the Iron Fisted Despot of the Greater Windsor Table Warriors.  This is not the position of me as iToysoldiers and I can never post under the auspice of Brimstone 'cause, well... I don't work there.  Anyway, here we go:

In November, Brimstone Games decreed that all events would need to be coordinated through them.  There were a number of reasons for this and all of them were good. They hired BigJay to coordinate and manage all of the miniature game type stuff.  AND HE'S DOING AMAZING!  We've gotten new terrain, new battle mats, and a single point of contact for miniature gamers at Brimstone.  It's a fantastic change that I'm super excited about.  Gootch is right.  The man with the plan is BigJay.  He's who you want to negotiate with in order to run an event.  He's got the keys to the schedule and really it's all up to him.

That's why you're seeing the league I run enter the schedule.  That's why you're seeing Tyler's Apocalypse game and Gootch's team tourney.  It's because we've each made a pitch and had it accepted and scheduled.  So if you have an idea for an event it's gotta go through Brimstone - specifically Jay.  The only kinda-sorta exception to this is Club Day (which SCMC manages, bless him!) postings.  More on that in a bit.

How'd all this come about? A bunch of years ago the club was a mixed one with WM/H players and Warhammer players hanging out on a forum.  It was called chosen realms.  It was pretty slick.  There weren't any stores in the Windsor area that had tables to play on so every other week, the club would post a request for games - like we do now - and book an activity room for us to play at.  It was sweet.  There were some dues but it worked.  During this time I decided to build iTS as a battle tracking application and an event manager.  I created the league system and the core of the site. Ran a couple of events and they worked out pretty well.  Brimstone and Hugin and Munin and CG Realms all started offering up places to play in Windsor so we stopped renting out the hall and paying dues.

Then the Chosen Realms forum went away.  I slapped these forums into the site and build the club management system.  The WM/H players moved to Facebook and the Warhammer players stayed on iTS.  Who knows why these things happen?  The club renamed itself to the Greater Windsor Table Warriors (Greater 'cause of Kevin, Dan R., and myself for sure).  Brimstone at this time didn't really have anyone who had an interest in miniature wargames so the club arranged to drive the events for the store.  Specifically this was the leagues and Ian's Narrative campaigns and recently (ish) tournaments and other stuff. During this period, with a quick blessing from Sean we could do whatever we wanted but it was the club - and not the store - that kicked off the events even though the store was taking all the risks in terms of customer satisfaction and the like.

It worked pretty well - sorta - whilst it the crew was small and the events were pretty static but the number of players have dramatically increased, the number of folks who want to run events has increased, and from Brimstone's perspective: there's a bit of an increase in competition in the Warhammer market in Windsor now.  So that's where we are today.

My recommendation for ANYONE who wants to run an event do the following:
1. Check with the crew.  Is there an interest in the event?
2. Chatter with Tyler or me.  Both of us have a fair amount of experience running events - specifically at Brimstone.
3. Participate in the group.
4. Pitch the event to BigJay.  When you do this, make sure you have a handful of dates in mind, what you need from them (number of tables, materials, access to the PC and screen, printouts, what have you) and what you'd like from them (prize support, etc).
5. Remember that Brimstone is a business and Warhammer is only a portion of their business.

Whilst the club isn't Brimstone it's our home and we need to work with them in a positive manner in order to maintain our relationship with them.  The very last thing we want is for them to consider our business not worth the effort or that the club isn't where their focus should be. We are the leaders in the GW hobby in this area.  Let's be the best club to work with.

Last thing: Jay has some cool stuff planned that'll be hitting the event calendar shortly.  Stay tuned.

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I'm at LVO

Brady - I'm at LVO. Haven't run into you here. If you want to play competitive come play, the events are around. A bunch of us went to the Michigan GT.  I'm going to Adepticon.  There are plenty of competitive outlets.

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I can't afford to travel

I can't afford to travel right now which is unfortunate. Otherwise I would, trust me. I'm going to save up for the LVO next year. Thanks for the offer. If I do save up and stuff to travel to events could I go with you/whoever you go with? I don't really have anyone to travel with either.

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There is a place in Hamilton

There is a place in Hamilton that has monthly ITC events, actual ITC events, and it draws in people from all over. This is what I am trying to work towards with my tournaments. If we get a few more people we can get sanctioned events every month in Windsor that will draw out people hoping to compete and be part of the circuit. I know there are at least 15-20 people in our club that are into playing competitively, so just the club alone is enough to get us a sanctioned even if everyone attended. And if we get sanctioned we get advertised for by the ITC and people will travel to come compete. Sure I agree narrative events might work, but I have a really strong feeling that that sanctioned ITC events will draw in more people as well. I'm going to have a talk with Sean and figure out if there's a way to accomplish this, because I still feel it would help draw in people into Brimstone to come play games. People aren't going to travel to come play narrative games, but they will for competitive (maybe some would, but more people travel for tournaments). You guys even say so in this post "people travel to competitive games", so lets make that happen - lets have them travel to Brimstone instead of other places, kind of like how we travel to Michigan because its so close people from michigan will travel here, and we can get good sized events eventually, we just have to keep them consistent which is the problem and we need everyone interested in competitive to make an effort to compete to show people that we have a good club and that it's worth coming to play with us.

Maybe most of you don't like the ITC and that's something I didn't realise. If we don't have at least 15-20 people showing up then yeah it's not going to stick. If the club doesn't like this idea and really doesn't want a competitive scene then thats fine, but I need everyones help to make it work. I just figured instead of traveling every month to Hamilton to spend money there to compete in their monthly ITC tournaments (which I discovered from advertising from the ITC), we could get that going in Windsor and grow our community instead of theirs.

EDIT: Also Gooch, I've never said anything bad about anyone from the club on my youtube channel. There's one video where I critique some peoples play at a tournament but that's it, and I don't think that should be considered talking smack. I like this club and like everyone in it, I started this hobby to make friends in the first place. I might of gave off the wrong impression but I want everyone to get along, and I want to be friendly with everyone. For any transgressions that might of occured between myself and anyone of this club, I'm sorry - I just want to have a good friendly community.