Canhammer Team Tournament Registration Fast Approaching!

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Canhammer Team Tournament Registration Fast Approaching!

Hey everyone. So for those unfamiliar, the Canhammer Team Tournament (CCTT) is a huge team tournament event held in Cambridge where teams are composed of 5 members, each with different factions, battling it out in a team event where your 5 man team takes on another! Games are strategically decided between team captains and though winning your games is obviously the point, the real objective is working together as a team to outscore them as a whole since all team members' scores are added for a total score and compared against the other team. It is a ton of fun and an excellent chance to to play against some other great players from all across Ontario.


With all that said, registration is coming up in January and let me tell you, this event sells out SUPER quick. So, I think it is a good idea to get an idea of who would be interested in participating and seeing who has what armies available to them. No team member from any team can duplicate factions used by other teammates so it is important to figure out who will be playing what and forming teams accordingly.


If you are genuinely interested and have a strong certainty of availability for that weekend, then please post below with what armies are available to you. I myself will be bringing my Nids and am already locked in with Ryan (Astra Militarum/Eldar), West (Marines I do believe), and Ivor (CSM/Orks/Tau).


Here is the CCTT website which will have the date. Keep an eye on this page for further updates and when registration opens.

I'm game. I can field DE or

I'm game. I can field DE or CSM. Maybe traitor guard. 

I'm in

I can run either Dark Angels - which are looking pretty strong with the Codex leaks, or Slaanesh (CSM+Daemons, or Mono Daemons).  With a little effort I could pull off Ad Mech, but I'd need to get started on that pretty soon.

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Its your call, but imo,

Its your call, but imo, admech are the worst faction in 8th with a codex (chapter approved minor points adjustments not withstanding)

Im still debating if i think the eldar book is even good enough for me to craft something worthy, so weak vs hordes, but id have so much guard to paint it brings a tear to my eye. Christmas vacation will make or break the dream of me bringing guard to canhammer from a painting perspective. Did prime 70 guys yesterday though to start me off.

ultramarines reporting for

ultramarines reporting for battle

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There's basically one build

Cawl supporting Castellans and Onagers.  It's an I table you or you win list.