Changing how league prizes are distributed.

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Changing how league prizes are distributed.

Good morning, my friends.

So I've been really wracking my brains about how to distribute prizes during the GWTW leagues.  I don't think the current system works terribly well.  Cash prizes are well and good but for our local scene the idea that the 66% of the players are paying for the league seems unfortunate.  It also discourages folks from playing games in the later rounds when they KNOW they're going to be out of the prize pool.

Since the goal of the leagues is to get folks playing games I think I want to move forward with the following:

Each league will have a token of some sort for the winners (first, second, and third and possibly best army).  The prize package as far as swag will be awarded via lottery.  You get two entries for a win and one for a loss.  So winning the league (or placing) will be more about glory and renown and less about cash prizes.  The tangible (read new models) prize will be about participation.

What say you all?