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Club Sized Apocalypse!

I have discussed this idea to a few of you already and now that I have the Chapter Approved book in hand, it is time to present the big Apocalypse game I have set for the near future.


So the idea is to run a big event where as many of us as possible throw down with vast armies in the course of a day on a truly apocalyptic scale. I am thinking of running this event sometime in late January/early Febuary on what will likely be a Saturday. There will be 2 sides that will be split into Order and Destruction (as best as possible) who will be fighting amongst the warping energies of the Great Rift. Each of these sides will, of course, select one of their warlords to be their warmaster and each will repesent their respective side and be the final voice in all tactical decisions. I will serve purely as an organizer and judge, and will both ensure things run tight and according to schedule, as well as throwing fun curve balls mid-game against both sides! As of now, I am leaning towards using matched play restrictions and limiting any player's army list to 4000 points. Don't worry if you don't have 4k worth of stuff either. I will organize the teams as close as possible. No one will be forced to have anything painted either and there's no entry fee or anything like that. It's all for fun and glory! Here are some of the extra rules and twists I will be including in the game:

- As mentoned, there will be a time schedule and I want the game to go a full 5 turns. In order to do that, turns will be limited to 45 minutes with intermitent breaks and lunch. Period.

- The mission will be mainly based off of either the Race to Destruction apocalypse mission or, the Exterminatus apocalypse mission with added rules.

- I will be selecting particular effects from the Battlezone: Empyric Storms table that I will be randomly rolling for and implementing each battle round.

- For every single player that participates, I will be creating a unique and secret objective for them to accomplish unbeknowst to their fellow allies! These objectives could be an insane act of heroism for a loyal space marine or, a treacherous act of deceit on the part of an enigmatic chaos lord. Whatever the case, these objectives may not be the most...tactically sound plans but, they will earn your team valuable victory points!

- I will also be throwing curve balls at both sides such as having an objective booby trapped to explode. These random twists will serve as a way to keep the game from going too far in one team's favour, as well as provide myself with some cruel entertainment since I won't have the luxury of joining in the bloodlust. Consider me the Dark Pantheon messing with you pitiful mortals ;)


That is more or less the basic rundown of what I am planning. The reason for this post is so that I can get an idea of who might be interested in participating and what army/armies they will be using and the points available to them. I want to try and get a good head start on team formation as well as the development of each player's secret objective.

With that said, please comment below if you are interested in a big game like this and what army/armies you would play and the total amount of points available to you. I will give this thread a couple weeks and see the interest generated and if I think we can get a good turnout, I will post the event formally and open up the registration!


Love me some Apoc, would we

Love me some Apoc, to bad that the revenant titan might now be literally the single most overpriced model in the entire game.

sweet. lets do it soon!

sweet. lets do it soon!

Im in , i believe i have

Im in , i believe i have close to 4k points now but i would have to check 

Would definetly be up to it

Would definetly be up to it if I can get the day off


This could be fun, but I need to see how my schedule is before I commit to anything.


As long as it isn't LVO weekend. Jan 26th weekend.

That sounds like a lot of fun

I'm down. This sounds like it's going to be fun as hell. I really like the idea of the unique and secret objectives, and the idea of you being a DM for the game, it sounds like it's going to be a really interesting and fun game. Also in case it matters; I think I can do 5k with my Chaos.

Hello, i just checked put my

Hello, i just checked put my spacewolves and i def have enough points for this, i would be in for sure, i have yet to play an apoc game so count me in

Just a reminder folks, the

Just a reminder folks, the Great Windsor War will soon be upon us. If you can make it, sign up sooner rather than later. Makes my organization much simpler. That and there is a registration end date.

"How ironic it is that, as fast as we spread progress and hope throughout the galaxy, the Tyranids spread death and despair." -AUN'SHI OF VIOR'LA

I can definetly do 4000

I can definetly do 4000

Very significant update for

Very significant update for the big game so please go check out the new details on the event page! Using pure Narrative Play rules and people are welcome to bring as many or as little Power Level as they have available. This is to encourage everyone and anyone to participate and allow some of you guys with some huge collections a chance to field it all! For those who have already registered, please comment again with your intended warlord and the amount of Power Level you expect your list to be. Let's make this an event of EPIC proportions folks!

"How ironic it is that, as fast as we spread progress and hope throughout the galaxy, the Tyranids spread death and despair." -AUN'SHI OF VIOR'LA

im interested just need to

im interested just need to learn how to play 8th edition first 

oops posted it twice 

oops posted it twice 

hrmmmmmmmmmmmm so your saying

hrmmmmmmmmmmmm so your saying I could bring the entire Luna Wolves.................This is pretty damn tempting. 

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