Dark eldar raider

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Dark eldar raider

Is anybody familiar with how deep strike would work for this unit? I had a plan to use an archon with a web way portal to deepatrike some double shooting wraithguard but realized i dont have a spare hq slot for the archon.

Instead i thought about simply using a raider to DS ( and scatter), but do i than get to dismbark 6 inches and still fire?

Yeah you can. Deep striking

Yeah you can. Deep striking transports count as moving combat speed so you can always normally disembark. Playing dark eldar since 5th edition and im sure of this.

EG deep strike raider, disembark, shoot and kill unit, soul burst and shoot again. Is there a way for you to take another detachment or is that restricted?

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I cant take duplicate

I cant take duplicate formations to canhammer. So basically it looks like 13 or 14 units in my rebornwarhost than im prolly taking the uthwe guardian warhost on the side so i can null deploy when i go second.

Im really not sure if i should risk the scatter from the raider when im using such short ranged weaponry, but i have to take the autarch, ive been burned at this tournament lastyear when reserves were poorly rolled

so why not just take a dark

so why not just take a dark eldar ally detachment. You need what, a venom, 5 warriors and an archon? You wouldn't need the raider as you could just deepstrike the archon and wraithguard. A venom and 5 warriors with the extra splinter cannon only sets you back 105 points but its OS and can still provide good fire power. I get jetbikes are kings of shooting but venoms aren't awful :p

Sucks that you can't take multiple detachments, as the RW detachment ability allowing an extra soulburst stacks...

ive also thought of this, but

ive also thought of this, but the rules for strength from death (the new eldar ability for ynarri), states that all models in the unit must have the rule for it to work, so the outside the detachment archon wouldnt have it, preventing the double shooting even though the wraithguard have it. The only thing that could work in my scenario would be to take the autarch outside the formation with like 5 rangers, but thats a decent amount of points (130+) for 2 units whose only purpose is to help my reserves come in turn 2, or just risk the raider scatter.

Sucks i can only take 2 HQ in this formation, i cant leave farseer Ryan on the bench either and jsut take the archon and autarch, against non magic lists ill easily be able to get 2-3 powers off with just him and potentially picking my magic powers thanks to the warlord traits could be huge.

Well, if you are taking the

Well, if you are taking the Autarch and a bunch of bikes already, why not make one unit of scatter laser bikes normal un-upgraded bikes and make those two units an ally detachment. You could hide them as long as possible in reserve and just use them as an OS scoring unit and spend 30 points elsewhere. Or just keep them as scat bikes isn't bad either. One unit that doesn't get soulburst probably wouldn't be a problem.