Fantasy Chaos Warriors/Skaven for sale or trade!

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Fantasy Chaos Warriors/Skaven for sale or trade!

I've got too much stuff!!!!!
I need to unload some stuff i havn't used in over a year and don't plan to!

24 Chaos Warriors, 6 Skullcrushers, 4 Khorne lords of chaos, 1 Khorne Choas battle standard bearer, Festus, Gutrot Sprume, 1 Nurgle lord of chaos, 12 Nightrunners, Ikit Claw, Queek headtaker, Acheaon on his horse, 1 Mounted Chaos lord, 1 Verminlord, Thanquol, 1 Grey Seer on a Screaming bell, 1 Grey Seer on foot, 1 Plague preist, 2 Skaven Assassins, Crom, Valkia the Bloody, 1 Chaos Sorcerer lord, and 1 regular Chaos lord.

Plus if Both of the End times books for these armies if you wish...

$350 for all, And all must go!

Just PM me! Lol. Keep having fun boys and girls. ;-)

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