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FAQ has been released

for anyone who hasn't seen yet, i'll leave this here. 



Battalions giving 5 commnd

Battalions giving 5 commnd points now sounds pretty sweet, I didnt think units stacking FNP rolls was such a huge deal. The one thing that confused me though is the Battle Brothers change. From what I understand you wont be able to mix units (say Space Wolves and Guard) in the same detachement? 

Uhh it says that Yvraine

Uhh it says that Yvraine visarch yncanre is the warlord but that now the detachment counts as a proper drukhari craftworld or harlequin detachment and can use its relics strategems and warlrod traits. But if they are the warlrod and you can still use warlord traits, does that mean the they can have a warlrod trait from the appropriate codex of the detachment they are part of??

Like could a black heart Yvraine (OH THE IRONY) take the black heart warlord trait?

EDIT sadly the warlord traits only work on <faction> so no, sucks, what an exceptionally pointless faq that did nothing in that part

At work on phone so ill be

At work on phone so ill be brief. Love soe changes. 50 percent can be in reserves is a solution to a huge problem i have as guard...the alpha strike. The first turn deepstrike into ur own deployment zone turn 1 is huge change, ad the nerfing of swarmlord slingshots and warptimes out of reserve also i thought needed. I have been demoralized about guard since the last errata and FAQ, now im back loving them.


I havnt read them all but this helps gunlines clearly