The Fate of iToysoldiers

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The Fate of iToysoldiers

Ahoy, my friends.

So during the Windsor Regimental Review I announced that the days of iTS as it stands right now are numbered.  I have good news.  I'm reasonably certain I can maintain iTS as is (maybe a bit slower than before but still not bad) for the forseeable future.  

I'm slowly coming up for air from the depths of my job hunt and the despair it generates.  I'll be working on improving stuff soonish.  My apologies for being a) more or less unresponsive and b) fatalistic.

I know there's some grand projects in the works.  Let me know how iTS can support them.  Thankfully it looks like I'm not going anywhere soon.  :)

Carpe Acies!

I had no idea the site was in

I had no idea the site was in trouble or that you were looking for work. Site has been great tool for the club. Maybe eventually we can just find a free forum if it officially goes down. Wont have the same features but better than nothing

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Oh, I was going to put a

Oh, I was going to put a forum up but a couple of other options presented themselves. Forums are easy peasy to run. But SOOOO boring. 

Anyway. It should be all worked out this week.