Feature and Support Requests on iToysoldiers

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Feature and Support Requests on iToysoldiers

Greetings, Warmongers!

So I'm always looking to improve how I deal with issues you fine folks are having with the site and provide you with a great way to suggest new things.  I bounce back and forth between various solutions but I really think that the Uservoice setup I have in place is the best way to report an issue or suggest a new feature on iTS.

To that end...  I'm going to collapse this forum down to a bare minimum and provide you with this handy dandy link:  http://itoysoldiers.uservoice.com.  If you're running into any issues go there.  There's a collection of "how-to" articles/faqs to address some things as well as the current list of feature requests.  The system also nags me incessently about new requests so I don't drop the ball.

I think it's a really good way to handle support and it's outside of the site proper so my musings on tech detail don't distract from the important bit: Wargaming.

Give it a whirl.  I won't say that I won't address issues if I find them through email or forum posts or what have you, but I can say that I'll respond faster if you use Uservoice.

One more thing: iTS is getting better all the time and I credit you guys.  Your input and suggestions are helping to craft the best miniature wargaming site in the entire cosmos and I'm humble and thankful that you're a part of it.

Carpe Acies!