Feature Request: League No-Show functionality

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Feature Request: League No-Show functionality

Greetings, War Mongers!

So there's been some back channel discussion on how to handle folks who disappear during a league.  What happens if you're stood up at a game?  What if you can't get a hold of your opponent?  Stuff like that.

So right now if a battle isn't recorded or a player doesn't specifically click forfeit BOTH players receive a loss when the round switches over.  The organizer has the option to forfeit a player who's not responding to scheduling requests but that means involving a third party - who may or may not want to smack an unresponsive player 'cause they're trying to run a business and not be the bad guy.  I get that.  The system right now is an easy out for a complex situation.  I'm not happy with it.

After a wee bit of discussion I'd like to propose the following solution:

League pairings are generated.
Players attempt to negotiate a mutually agreeable time to play their league game.
If player A tries to get in touch with player B and isn't having any luck they can flag the challenge with "No Show".
Player B will receive a message that says, "Hey! Your opponent has indicated that you're not communicative".  Player B will then have the opportunity to act on that flag and disable it.  Ostenstibly they'll schedule a game.  Hopefully.
If Player B doesn't respond at all then they'll automatically forfeit when the round switches over.


good idea. In previous

good idea. In previous leagues ive never had a problem getting ahold of guys though, but better to have something in place to deal with it just incase.

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Yeah, me neither.  But...

Yeah, me neither.  But...  Since my goal is to make this as hands off for the organizer as possible there needs to be a mechanism to deal with no-shows.  I've seen communities blow up 'cause of this sorta thing.  Silly as it might be.

Have had this before so I

Have had this before so I would recommend this and looking forward to it.

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Looks like a good solution

Looks like a good solution and might be better to nip it in the bud before it explodes. 


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Alrighty.  I think this one

Alrighty.  I think this one has consensus so I'll put it into place the next time I put an update to the league system.  Thanks, guys!