Gameplay and immersion.

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Gameplay and immersion.

So i've been talking with a few mates over seas about gaming and Immersion and I was kinda of wondering what people thought of it and your preference. What im talking about is setting up a mission, the narrative maybe smaller games where you really build the charcter of your army. Instead of doing meat grinders you might do missions that are more tactical or narrative in question. Im wondering cause im noticing my self as im getting older its getting more important for the Immersion of the game and why im getting it a few differant games systems cause of it ( force on force and bolt action) so I was just wondering if any one here locally was more into that

I definitely prefer an

I definitely prefer an immersive game. For the most part I play against my brother when we both have some free time which means its been the same armies (Orks vs tau and later Orks vs Imperials) which has meant we've had to make our own little miniature campaigns out of things with branching custom mission structure like a rescue missions, defence-attack missions etc. It's kept things interesting and immersive to have this sweeping story arch of the rivalry between Uriel Ventris's 4th Company Ultramarines and my brothers Deathskuls Ork clan as they try to clear them from an imperial forgeworld. That's been the 8th edition narrative anyway. Its worked out great with the new Primaris marines because it means about 30 marines max. are squaring up against hordes of Orks; the way its meant to be.

Ive played bolt action a few times at adepticon and have enjoyed it every time. The activation being staggered by that drawing system helps the immersive feeling with simultaneous actions. Im also a massive sucker for historicals and really want to jump into one. I've almost committed to picking up a starter army on multiple occasions. Its one of the same reason I've enjoyed the couple games of infinity I've played. The reaction system helps the game feel alive and active despite being turn-based. Actions have immediate consequences for your little squad and the scale seems to make maintaining narrative easier.