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Horus Heresy Armies Local

Hey everyone just another post to get a idea for what people are building. As you know im probally one of the biggest fan boy of the heresy and im building up new armies for the heresy. Right now Im just wondering if any one is also locally painting up armies for the heresy or if they already have them done.

Right now I got painted up .

Luna Wolves.

Iron Warriors.

Working on

Ultramarines,Emporer's Children and Sons of Horus.

Post what you are working on down below and lets see whats out there.Also the big reason why im asking is just cause I want to try and figure out whos out there to maybe run a tournment or a narrative event.

i had started an ultramarine

i had started an ultramarine one and actually have around 3500 points, but its basically been completely abandonded at this point, i despise painting anyway but i never saw any games being played of 30k so i moved my focus back to 40k. Got 60 half painted death korps of krieg on my painting table right now though that i started 2 days ago.

Yeah I know when I moved it

Yeah I know when I moved it kinda of hampered it from growing but with me back im hoping it'll get people back into it. Im hoping that in 2018 I can try to grow it locally I know 3 for sure horus heresy players being me jesse and dom. And with me and jesse building some extra horus heresy armies can get more people to try it.

General Soban


I've got a ton. 

I've got a ton. 

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I've got a small early heresy

I've got a small early heresy World Eaters force. And of course I can field a respectable late heresy World Eaters force. 


I've got some Mechanicum. I'm thinking about Iron Hands as an allied force for them.