Imperial Knight Rules and Contradictions

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Imperial Knight Rules and Contradictions

Hey guys, I'm sure a lot of you have the new Imperial knights codex by now and some of you may be disappointed like I am with the "Knight Lances" stipulation on page 106 of the Codex where it says that the "Command Benefit of each Imperial knights super-heavy detachment is changed to 'none' unless it contains any  combination of at least three Questoris class or Dominus class units. 

However, on what would be page 87 if it was numbered, with the heading "Gods of War."  it presents a starting force comprising A warglave, a Valiant, and a Warden, and makes the claim that this "fulfils the requirements of a battle-forged super heavy detachment m, meaning that it goes to battle with an impressive six command points to spend on strategems."

What are your guys thoughts on this apparent contradiction in the codex?  Are you expecting an FAQ, and if so, in which direction? Just wondering the local communities thoughts on what is a somewhat contentious rule.

Oh, and while I cant find the article to corroborate this, I've also heard it said that the Armigers were sold by the Warhammer community as a great way to fill out the Super-heavy detachment when the Forgebane box was initially coming out (And they were, at that time, a great way to fill one out). Kind of a shoddy move to double back on that, if they did, in fact, say that. I don't fully understand the abuse they were expecting out of this; 3CP for an over 500 point min detachment doesn't seem so abusable.

I'm otherwise thrilled with this codex though. With so many great and fluffy strategems, it would be nice to be able to get the command points to effectively use them. For now, my knights will be marching to war with 30 guardsmen and 15 skitarii for the CP (probably would have had one of these anyway for backfield control, but you get my point.

Well the armigers are great

Well the armigers are great for filling out the detachment as cheap lords of war. I imagine the actual rule knight lancers takes precedence then some blurb that isnt an official rule. Plus maybe they werent talking about a matched play army there but a narrative one

Oh, I completly agree that

Oh, I completly agree that the ruling of the actual rule page would take precedent in play. I had never thought of the narrative aspect, that's an interesting thought, and probably what I'm missing here. 

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Looked at the codex and for

Looked at the codex and for sure its wierd and more than likely a mistake. Buf if you look at it this way, in matched play you cant use imperium as a keyword but at least youd get a character ouf of this with a warlord trait. 

In narrative you can use imperium as a keyword  and therefore do imperium super heavies and get the command points. You only need one charscter for your wsrlord trait.

In matched play, certainly very limiting but meant to limit command doing armiger detachments