LVO 2018 Trip Report

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LVO 2018 Trip Report

So I didn't come into this weekend expecting much. I finished in the 300s. Competition was stiff.

Overall a great weekend. There were a surprising number of Canadians there. Next year I probably won't play in the championships - more likely the narrative event. But I probably will play in the RTT.

The social events were great. Spent some time with Quirk from MWG, Adam from Tabletop Minions, the Shapeways folks, and did shots with Duncan's mentor Peachy  (Chris Peach).

Overall a great time - highly recommend the event and I'm looking forward to Adepticon.

Way to represent us tho James

Way to represent us tho James. 

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Ty sir

Ty sir

Great job!

Great job!

Glad you had fun, it's a

Glad you had fun, it's a great event for sure. Wish I had time for the trip this year but didn't work out. I'll be there next year and I hope your doing the same!



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I plan to go next year.

I plan to go next year.  Don't know if I'll play the champs but I'm definietly going.