New player looking to learn.

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New player looking to learn.

Hey guys, I'm interested in learning to play 40k. Any chance I could tag along on a few games to try and get a better understanding of the gameplay and learn the basics. I've seen a few videos here and there but it doesn't compare to seeing it unfold in person. Do not have miniatures just yet, will grab some most likely next week. Any beginner tips on things I should buy ect would be helpful. Already have Imperial Guard codex, will be getting the rule book shortly too. 

Hey, Karl. Welcome!  There's

Hey, Karl. Welcome!  There's always a bunch of games going on Saturday at Brimstone. If you want to hang out and watch that's a good place/time to do it. 

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Sounds good, unfortunately I

Sounds good, unfortunately I have to work this weekend. Whats the best time to go there on a Sat ?

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10 am and 1pm are the most

10 am and 1pm are the most common game start times. 

Hello, I can help teach

Hey Karl, I am Brady and I have a youtube channel called Almost Pro Gaming that covers Warhammer 40k guides, and I think you might be able to learn some stuff from them. Its geared towards teaching people how to get better at the game of warhammer 40k. It talks about the basics and all the way up to advanced tactics and even what armies are the strongest now. Check it out if you want to learn a few things. Also if you want to get together and learn in person I'd be down for that as well, I have a lot of free time in the next week or so, so let me know if you want to get together and play a game, I can teach you a lot of things very quickly so that you can get on everyone elses level much faster. Happy wargaming!

here's a link to the youtube channel if you're interested:

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Okay that sounds good to me,

Okay that sounds good to me, any way to get into contact with you privately and set things up?

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Handily, iToysoldiers has a

Handily, iToysoldiers has a PM system. 'Cause we aim to please.