A Shadow War/Necromunda Campaign System

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A Shadow War/Necromunda Campaign System

My mind has been wandering Shadow War: Armageddon lately. It's a super fun system. How couldn't it be, though? It's based on the old Necromunda system.

My only issue with Shadow War is the watered down campaign system. You're not exactly fighting over territory, and you're fighting for a resource that's (debatably) pretty useless to a good many factions, which is promethium. Most races don't use chemical fuel at this point in the future, so it's just ... why.

So I've been thinking, how could we make a better campaign system? You can't really port the old system over, because having your professional soldiers/alien monsters/space knights/etc "work" territory feels so beneath them. It doesn't feel quite right. I suppose you could always abstract it to make it so your teams are merely "patrolling" a piece of territory and earning "requisition points", but I feel that doesn't quite work out either. The economy of Necromunda was very much suited to it's setting, the lawless Underhive blackmarket.

I want to build a system where it's still a territory based campaign system, that's still somewhat compatible with the old gangs.

Does anyone have any ideas, prefferably someone with prior experience playing Necromunda?

My own ideas

My big few ideas I want to play with are:

- Necromunda compatibility, if someone wants to play the old hiver gangs or some other list from the old Necromunda days, I wouldn't want to stop them.

- Better injury charts, the one we have is super simple. I love the fact in the older system, injuries can be as minute as losing a finger.

- Hired Guns roster, a shared roster of Hired Guns that show players all the hired guns available in a campaign. Usually a set number. For example, out of *all* the Hired Guns you can take, you can only pick from the 2 Ogryn Bodyguards, Bu'fi the Vampyre Slayer, 3 Scum, and 1 Bounty Hunter, since they're the only mercs on the roster. 

- Ultimately, a better campaign system. The super linear "collect 10 promethium caches and win" approach feels super stripped down and boring to me. Tile based territory system?

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Well the revised Necromunda

Well the revised Necromunda system is scheduled to drop on November. I imagine it'll provide a considerably richer campaign system. 

Ehh ...

I'm not all that hopeful for it, to be honest. The board seems a little sparse in the photos I've seen.

The Board

My understanding with regards to the included board is that it's simply to make the game playable straight ouf of the box, but otherwise the game is designed to work with the terrain like that featured in the shadow war boxes. I'm personally hopeful that it will live up to the depth of the old system. 

Edit: For Reference:

The set’s gaming tiles and simple bulkhead scenery allow you to play games very quickly and easily, and make the game very portable.

As well as the underhive style of play covered by the boxed set, there will also be ways to play Necromunda with the multi-level skirmishes that defined the classic version of the game. These work great on tables using the Sector Mechanicus terrain sets released earlier this year (great news for anyone who built a Shadow War Armageddon board)."


When would we start ?  

When would we start ?


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Only when we have a working

Only when we have a working system, so not for a little while longer. I'll make a seperate post regarding the actual campaign, dates and stuff.

I'm going to be doing some playtesting with a friend of mine while we think of a good campaign system for Shadow War. After some research, I might make compatibility with Necromunda a stretch goal rather than a feature.