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Tau codex

Hey just got some general questions about the Tau empire..
My brother is getting into 40k (finally have someone to play with that's close!) unfortunately he loves the Tau (boo!)

I know there's two codexs, the regular tau one and the farsight enclaves.. Which one is the one with those bad ass formations I hear about? And does the farsight enclaves have all the same rules as the regular codex??

Also, does anyone have any tips on what to buy? Currently have 13 fire warriors, about 15 Kroot Warriors, 7 crisis battlesuits, and a riptide. As well as a hand full of drones.

On the subject of Tau ...

Honestly, with the dizzying array of different stuff coming out, It's hard to keep up.

However, you might want to look to the vanilla Tau book and then get the Mont'ka and Tau'yon supplements that have the formations. Not sure if they have combined the books since then.

As far what to get, the Start Collecting Tau box is a very good start. You get troops, an HQ, and more Crisis suits as well as a formation to get your brother going.

The Mont'ka and Kauyon books

The Mont'ka and Kauyon books have a ton of cool lore, information, and some unit information, but most of the value to these books is the formations.

AS for the farsight enclave book, that is meant to supplement the core tau codex with the ability to take a dizzying array of Crisis suits. Regardless, the Farsight book lacks some of the information in the Core Codex, so your definitely doing to want to pick up the core codex first, and look to farsight when you are trying to do something a bit different.

With regards to filling out the army, he’s probably going to want to grab himself an Ethereal. The model is inexpensive in terms of points, and offers a pretty great bonus to your firing line, giving all pulse weapons an extra shot at half range, meaning you can fire 3 shots per fire warrior when firing regularly, and when firing overwatch, which tau excels at.

The Tau firewarrior was improved significantly with the new(ish) tau codex, making them a cheaper, and more viable troop choice. Having another unit is far from a bad option, especially if you have them benefiting from the Ethereal. Like said above tho, if you are already picking the ethereal and a unit of troops, go with the start collecting box and essentially get 3 crisis suits for $20 (if you do that math).

Tau Piranhas are also a great choice when starting out as they are incredibly versatile, serving as a fast-attack objective grabber, offering either inexpensive, fast, 5 strengths 5 hits with the burst cannon, or functioning as a heavy unit hunter with the fusion blaster and optional missiles. The Piranha additionally comes equipped with 2 drones that can detach and serve as a distracting unit. The kit is only $35 and base 40 points, so grab two, run them in a unit, and only let the drones and one piranha die, as your opponent wont get points without taking out the second piranha.

The optimised pathfinder team is also a good kit GW sells, giving you a devilfish dedicated transport, and the unit of pathfinders which will serve as the source of markerlights for your force. Markerlights are the bread and butter of an effective tau strategy, so its key that you have at least one source. Another solid source is running markerlight drones with your crisis team, so if you don’t have any drones assembled with markerlights consider picking up a few blisters to assemble as such.

You also can’t go wrong with a hammerhead gunship. Those bad boys pack a serious punch, especially if you run them with the railgun, and fill out his much needed heavy support slot.

What you may start to realise is that pretty much everything on the tau roster is useful, and you’d have a hard time going wrong with picking up just about anything as long as you kit them out and use them properly. I’m just getting back into 40k having played very little since early 5th edition, and let me tell you, when I compare this to my old codex, everything seems strong.

while i cant give you any

while i cant give you any real tau advise based on playing as them, i can tell you what i think is good from playing against them with my eldar.

The riptide Wing to me is one of the best 5 formations in the entire game. I would most likely be bringing this formation to suppliment my eldar in a team tournament im going to in April if my teamate and resident tau expert Ivor was not bringing his tau (cant duplicate factions). The stormsurge when used in combination with markerlights to give you 4 D missles is invaluable to kill any kind of elite target like a wraithknight, or enemy tanks. I cant say i agree with the above advise about the hammerhead with railguns. Its my experience that single shot guns (for any faction) are not effective in the role of large target hunting. At best after hitting your going to need a 5+ to destroy the enemy vehicle (after hitting, penetrating than 1/3 chance on the penetrating effects table with an AP1 gun), so to me a 1/3 chance to outright destroy the vehicle isnt worth it. Or in my case, id simply ignore it while you most likely shot my wraithknight each turn since that is the only target of real value i bring in my eldar lists (which are in many ways standard eldar netlists)

The buffmander with a squad of crissis suits is also something thats been very effective vs me.

I definitely see where you

I definitely see where you are coming from with your criticism of the Hammerhead's reliability. That can definitely be a problem, but it is worth noting that you can get 3 hammerheads for 15 points more than the price of one Stormsurge. Its also worth noting that there is a 5 point upgrade called subummition rounds which gives you the option of firing a large template, increasing the ships versatility. I've had success with the hammerhead, but I agree, the consistency can be a major downfall.

I don't own a Stormsurge and haven't played against it yet, so I cant directly speak to its real world effectiveness, but based off the codex entry it does seem to be at least one of the stronger options available, despite the cost. The sheer firepower it appears to offer is ludicrous, though it is a little delicate at T6, 3+ save.

I play Tau, and i can agree

I play Tau, and i can agree with a lot of things left above. the riptide wing is AMAZING. The re-rolling of the nova charge....i just can't stress how valuable that is. The one formation that doesn't get enough love (and idk why...) is the optimized stealth cadre.....where do i even begin....+1 BS, ignores cover, and always hits rear armor of vehicles....wow, just wow. Plus, the Ghostkeel is a wicked cool model and VERY survivable. (pretty much always has a 2+ cover save in the open, plus once per game you can make an enemy snapfire against it and pretty much waste their shooting) That formation also isn't a huge point sink either. The ghostkeel is 140 if i recall, and the 2 units of stealth teams are 90 points a pop (95 if you include the fusion gun which you should ALWAYS do). As much as i love the riptide wing, it can get VERY pricy in terms of points....180 base, plus upgrades.... (fnp, interceptor, maybe skyfire.....) but anyways I'd recommend running a CAD as your core choice, especially when starting off with a new army just to help get the feel for things, with maybe throwing in that optimized stealth cadre formation hope that helps!