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TBMC ITC GT Tournament Report

So as you guys know, I recently traveled up to sudbury to take place in a 64 player Grand Tournament/Major.
Long story short: I went 5-0 and placed 2nd overall only losing out on first place by only a few points. 

I played my new Drukhari list that you guys might have seen that I posted a couple of weeks ago, a lot of kabalite warriors and venoms with some Eldar allies mainly for the psychic spells that they offer.

First game was against Necrons-Mephrit Dynasty: His list was 2 units of 20 warriors, a unit of 10 immortals, 2 maxed out units of destroyers, a maxed out unit of tomb blades and then some other random stuff. I outdeployed him pretty hard because he castled up all his warriors and immortals on one side so I deployed on the other side since if he went first even if he moved he wouldnt be able to hit anything and if I went first I could utilize drukharis insane mobility and get in range to do some damage. He had his destroyers on the other side of the field though to match my army so if he went first he could still do some damage. We rolled off for first turn and he won and I failed to seize. He then moved everything except his warrior castle and was able to kill 2 venoms and a unit of kabalites. On my turn I killed all the tomb blades and 1 unit of destoyers. On turn 2 he killed 1 more venom and a unit of kabalites after using his relic to teleport a unit of 20 warriors over to the side of the board my army was on. On my turn 2 I killed his second unit of destroyers and the unit of 20 warriors that teleported. Turn 3 he killed nothing because nothing was in range because it was all still in the far corner. On my turn 3 I killed almost everything he had and he decided to call it.

Game 2 was against Nids - Kraken and Cronos Hive Fleets: His list was 4 units of 10 gaunts, a lot of hive guard and biovores, and some flyrants. This game was even more one-sided than the first, I think he killed 2 venoms throughout the whole game and he forfeit on turn 3 after I had killed all of the flyrants and hive guard and gaunts leaving him with just biovores against pretty much my whole army.

Game 3 was against Eldar/Drukhari - Ulthwe and Kabal of the Black Heart: This game only made it to the end of turn 2 after 2.5 hours because my opponent kept trying to make up rules which I knew were wrong since I play the armies. Most of the game was me having to look up the rules in the book and show it to him for proof because he kept insisting his units did things that they didn't (He said blasters are 2d6 damage and you pick the highest when they aren't - its 1d6 and thats it, he said that Eldrad had 5 attacks when he only has 2, he said that shurikan weapons are -1 AP when they are 0 AP unless you roll a 6 to wound which then makes them -3, and he said Ulthwe had a 5+ FNP when they have 6+, he said that hemlocks were 2d6 auto hits when they are 2d3 auto hits, there was A LOT more but these were the big ones) he always insisted that I should just beleive him and insulted me by saying "You play the damn army, you shouldn't have to check everything in the book" to which I replied "You play the damn army, you shouldn't get so many rules wrong that go in your favor". TO's were called by him saying that I was slow playing when in all actuallity the game was going slow because I kept having to look up rules in the book to prove to him that he's playing wrong - and the TO sided with him since he was friends with the TO. I still ended up winning the game but was talked to by the TO afterward and got in trouble for "rules lawyering"  and "slow playing" when in all actuality I was just stopping myself from being cheated constantly by having to look up and show him the rules. I didn't complain because I didn't want to get in any more trouble so I just went with it. So yeah, not a very fun game but at least I ended up winning. And tbh if the game went the full length I still would have won anyways; like in my previous games my opponent killed almost nothing while I annihilated most of his army. Players like that make me really mad though, you could tell it was all on purpose and that he was just trying to cheat to gain an advantage because he was losing so hard - I normally never accuse people of cheating but in this case it was super obvious from all the wrong rules that if allowed would have made his army stronger than it actually is and the fact that he tried to get me DQ'd for "slow playing" when the ONLY reason the game went slow was because I was forced to constantly show him his own rules which BTW he wouldn't let me look at his codex; I had to use my own codex's to prove it to him which was a really scumbad thing for him to do. Anyways I'm glad I won but it was definately the least enjoyable game out of all of them.

Day 2

Game 4 was against nids again - and again it was Kraken and Cronos: Most of his list was melee - 2 units of 19 genestealers and 2 units of 19 gaunts, 3 flyrants, and a couple of exocrines and some hive guard and a couple units of ripper swarms. I deployed really far back so that he couldnt move/advance and charge on turn 1. I lost the roll of for first turn but decided to not try and seize since I wanted him to move closer so allow me to get more shots off. He went first and moved/advanced 1 unit of genestealers and went to use the stratagem that allows them to move/advance again and I canceled it with agents of vect otherwise he would have gotten a turn 1 charge off. He killed nothing on turn 1 because his exocrines couldn't see anything because of my deployment and the great terrain that was used at the event, and his melee units weren't in range to even declare charges. On my turn 1 I killed the closer unit of 19 genestealers, the closer unit of 19 gaunts, and 10 genestealers from the other unit - this crippled his list pretty hard in comparrison to the 0 damage I took on turn 1. His turn 2 he deepstruck 2 of his 3 flyrants, he killed a venom with shooting and made 1 of his charges with the flyrants to kill another venom. On my turn 2 I killed both hive tyrants, the remaining genestealers and an exocrine. At this point it was basically clean up duty and we went to turn 6 where I had killed everything except 2 units of ripperswarms. It was pretty brutal and I felt bad enough that I bought the guy a beer and we chilled and laughed about the game.

Game 5 was against Necrons again: This list was the infamous 3 tesseract vault list. Tbh I was kind of intimidated by them but I had done my research in between games since I knew he was going to be my final opponent. I read all the abilities they had and took proper measures to make sure the impact of his spells would be minimal. He won the roll off to go first but I seized the initiative. On turn 1 I killed a tesseract vault with the help of the spells Doom and Jinx which are AMAZING spells btw, if you play any Aeldari army I highly recommend taking a farseer and a warlock on bikes. His turn 1 he killed 1 venom and a unit of rangers and othing else since I spaced out my units appropriately and because I spaced out my army enough that his spells that did damge in a radius wouldn't be effective. On my turn 2 I killed another tesseract vault and a C'tan. On his turn 2 he killed 1 more venom and thats it because again I spaced my army really well and out maneuvered him since the vaults don't move very fast compared to my venoms. Turn 3 I tabled him. It was a good revenge game because he had beaten my buddy Michele pretty badly in an earlier round, so I was able to avenge my friend.

With only 5 rounds in the tournament this meant there would be 2 players with a 5-0 records so it would come down to battlescore as the tiebreaker and my points were lower so I placed second overall.

It was a great tournament, and I'm happy I accurately predicted the meta I would be facing which I predicted would be: Necrons, Nids, Eldar/Dark eldar, Guard and Custodes. I didn't have to face any guard or custodes but in testing my army did really well against both so I was confident going into this event with the list I had against any of those armies. I played against the armies I thought I would which made me very happy, and I played extremely well with very minimal mistakes thanks to all the practice I was able to get with people in the club and with my Patrons from my youtube channel.

Overall I am super happy with my placing since this was my first GT/Major I have ever attended.


nice result Brady.

nice result Brady.

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Thanks man lol. I worked

Thanks man lol. I worked really hard for it, I had a lot of practice and I'm glad it paid off.

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You rock!  Good show. 

You rock!  Good show. 

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Thanks man. And thanks for the practice too, helped me learn a few things about my army.

Good job. Michigan GT is

Good job. Michigan GT is coming up, are you sigining up?

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Michigan GT

Depends, I just looked it up and if it's the event that is happening in October then yes I will most likely be attending. If was any sooner I might not have been able to attend since my schedule is pretty tight for the next month or so. I am going to try to start travelling more often to events though because I would like to maintain or raise my Drukhari ITC score. Apparently with the score that I got at this event I am now the third best drukhari player in Canada overall for the ITC. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/381992331345133568/45464807680049...

So yeah, I would love to travel to more events so if any of you guys are travelling and have a free spot please feel free to ask if I'd like to go because more often then not I would love to if I'm not too busy at the time. 

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small sample size but I bet

small sample size but I bet you could beat ridvan and be number 1