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vehicle squadron rules

I was jsut wondering if anybody knows the vehicle squadron rules and how they are effected by killpoint missions. For example i have a 3 man Leman Russ Battle tank squadron, the rule is as follows 

"the first time this unit is set up, they must all be deployed within 6 inches of each other. From that point onwards, each operates independantly and is treated as a seperate unit for all rules purposes".


Does this mean that my 3 man Leman Russ unit is for the purposes of deployment, only a single unit ; but once deployed and im using them during the game, my single unit becomes 3 seperate units and now gives up a possible 3 Kill points, one for each Russ? Less Kill points is important at canhammer trying to see if i can just squadron up some stuff to limit what i give up. Or does that last line simply mean i can play them as i please once deployed but they would still be simply 1 unit and not 3?

yes, so later throughout the

yes, so later throughout the game they are all single units. So for kill points which you'd generally get after deployment, they would all be their own unit at the time and give up a kill point

specifically they were more clear in the index where it said they were seperate units for all rules purposes but they removed that for redundancy maybe?

hmm ic, bummer.

hmm ic, bummer.

tough question for an exact

tough question for an exact ruling, in the designer commentary the closest thing I can find is this

"Q: When is a unit considered to be ‘completely destroyed’ or ‘wiped out’? A: These two terms are used synonymously. A unit is considered to be completely destroyed when the last model in that unit is destroyed (also referred to as slain) or flees'

I imagine since they are there own unit now and the only model, this would take effect and then it's an easy lead to does it give a KP

I interpret it as after

I interpret it as after deployment they count as three separate units for kill points, objective scoring, and wound allocation, et all