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Why doesnt anyone post pictures with thier battle reports?? I dont know about you guys but I like to read other peoples battle reports, i especially like to look at the pictures of peoples battles. However, I find that no one ever posts pictures, I feel like i am the only one who posts pictures here ( probably not but i feel like it).

A few people do some good write ups, which are excellent, a picture or two of the battle would be amazing. We need to show off our models and boards and epicness!

This is just one mans opinion but it would be cool to see some pics.

OK, silly question - how do

OK, silly question - how do you post pics?

Theres to ways to do post up

Theres to ways to do post up pictures, one is by on the top go add then add a gallary. The second way is by in the main battle format is by hitting image then adding from it a url. If you add a gallary and then use the url from the image it self you can then add pictures to your battle reports.

In regards to the first question honestly its time restrictions and getting through the battle. I know for the campaign am running am hoping that for each battle I can do a full battle report with images but the issue is ussually time. I know from trying to write a few with images it hard to do and adds considerable time which most people are very restricted on. I personally love seeing full images just depends on what the player them selfs want from the game.

Also lastly I know a few people only want to do it with fully painted armies fighting it out so that may add to it.

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Also hey heres a battle

Also hey heres a battle report http://generalsobanandthegreatcrusade.blogspot.ca/2015/03/1st-battle-rep... This was done early on in my friends production of his Imperial Fists and early into my luna wolves.

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I almost always forget to

I almost always forget to take pictures in the heat of the game, and when I do it's sometimes a hassle to get them from my phone to the webbernet.


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Honestly ...

I had no means of taking pictures before, but now that I got a new phone that might change when I *finally* get my Adeptus Mechanicus forces painted.

Really just torturing myself at this point, I have a policy of not fielding anything that isn't painted/assembled/proxied. I feel guilty whenever I do.

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As you should!

As you should!

So to post pictures to battles you can just upload them when you create or edit the battle (although this'll be changing as soon as I'm done with the new update I'm working on).  There's a field called "Images" and you can upload as many as you'd like.

Thanks for the feedback guys!

Thanks for the feedback guys! Maybe I have a different outlook on 40k. 

Your right Thade, some times I forget, but usually remember at some point. 

And Soban, thanks for the link! Great report.. I actually read this when you first posted it :p 

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Just use orks

Orks are still fine, you just need more than boyz. Get some bikes and trukks and lootas.

I haven't taken any pictures

I haven't taken any pictures because for awhile most of my army hasn't been painted. And I don't want to take pictures if there are any unpainted models on the field because I just don't like it. If I played a game where both my army and my opponents was fully painted I'd be happy to take pictures and show it off. But i'd rather not show off my/my opponents lazyness of a not painted army.

You make a valid point with

You make a valid point with the grey models.. But your playing the games anyway, making the battle reports, and still no pictures to really capture the moment.

You could always take pictures that minimize the amount of grey models.

Now here's why I post pics, I don't think there is anything better then lookin back at a battle report and remembering how the battle went down. The site does a good job of laying out the details of the battle, but the pictures top it off. It Gives you the ability to remember specific fights, and moments that happened.

i have about 10+ reports mostly with pictures, I do enjoy a lot goin back and looking at them. I just feel the pictures MAKE the report. 

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edited my original comment about chronics above post 

"my opponents lazyness of a not painted army"




I think there are many reasons why a persons army might not be painted, and peoples lazyness is about as low on that list as possible. I would tend to assume people simply have different priorities in life than others. I work alot (48-60 a week) and am saving to buy a house, thats my priority and when i can mix in a few hobby hrs, i want to play a game or two.  You can express how you would prefer to play painted armies as is your choice, but can do it without judging people you barely know.







Hey guys seems we are getting

Hey guys seems we are getting abit off track its not good or fair to kinda of say people are lazy each one of us enjoy differant aspects of the hobby more. Some love the painting, some like the gaming aspect, or maybe just both so may not be good to go down certain avenues. Remember we are all in for the hobby and enjoy gaming and rocking out eh.


Any how back on topic maybe we might see some new battle reports and a few of are local gamers may just rock it out and get some new battle reports. Even if you don't have a amazing camera try it and write somthing epic with it maybe we can see about founding a best of battle report at the end of the month.



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So this discussion kinda

So this discussion kinda highlights one of the challenges I have in developing iTS.  There's three parts to the hobby, right? Gaming. Modeling.  Narrative.  Everyone has the parts they like the best.  I'm partial to the Narrative bit (which, since I'm a crappy writer means I suck in bits of the modeling and gaming elements to fulfill my desire for epic clashes between armies) but I try really hard to make sure that everyone is taken care of.

That's why I don't make very many fields required for reporting battles.  It's why you can gain renown and badges for a wide variety of activities (although I have to say that I'm guilty of giving more stuff to battle reports).  It's why there are so many ways to capture the exploits of your armies.

I'd love to see more pictures of armies in battle reports.  Of course I would.  But it's not a requirement - especially since lots of folks are reporting their battles so they can see their battle stats.  

I'm working on a pretty major update and one of the biggest changes is how images handled.  What would be the thought of having a page that highlighted content with images in it?  That way you could find those beautiful battle shots easily and filter out the stat-only battle reports?


    Last time I took a pic of a model and tried to post it on this site it told me that the file was to big, but I have pics of models like my baneblades or imperial knight that are the same file size as that last pic (mentioned above) and I was able to post those, not sure if a file size limit was applied recently.

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Grey or painted, pictures to

Grey or painted, pictures to go along with the battle report is a plus in my books. I figured with most people having iphones/android phones more pictures would be taken. No need to argue over grey models.

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  Batreps are some of the best parts of the game.  I used to love reading the really well done batreps in White Dwarf; I felt it was easily the best part of the mag.

  I like writing batreps in general, but it takes extra time when playing the game - OR the opportunity to write it out right after you're done.  Either way works.

  So some sort of batrep contest would be epic!