Wraiths or lychstar.

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Wraiths or lychstar.

So I'm contemplating what to buy. I want to get a close combat portion of my army and from what I've seen spamming is what you do in 40k. So I was thinking of fielding either 12 wraiths or 10 lychguard with orikan. So I'll pick one of those groups and field them with a monolith doomsday ark about 40+ warriors and a night scyth with some immortals. I'm leaning towards the wraiths. Lychguard are s5 t5 ap3 weps 3+ invul and reanimation. So they are more resilient but footsloggers nonetheless.

appreciate the feedback, would like comments from your experience with wraiths fighting against or using them. And if anyone has experience against lychguard  


wraiths due to thier speed, i

wraiths due to thier speed, i think atleast with eldar id just out manouver the lynchguard

My Two Cents

Though I totally butchered your Wraiths last game, I'd say they're more general purpose than Lychstar. They're more maneuverable, hit hard and fast, and can deal with basically anything with their rending attacks. Lychstar is just a bitch to deal with, unless you have massed strength D.

Also, massed Warriors is damn effective. With Cryteks scattered here and there, they're nigh unstoppable. But oh boy are you screwed if a unit that is somewhat competent in CC gets to you.

Wraiths honestly the ability

Wraiths honestly the ability to move and reach out is pretty good personally have some dread when am trying to take objectives and know I have a wraith unit about to counter attack.

General Soban



Thanks for the help guys! I decided to go with wraiths. 

My list should look something like this

2 crypteks

38 warriors

12 wraiths

triarch stalker


doomsdsy ark

night scythe

5 immortals

any thoughts on the list? Wraiths/ doomsday ark would kill the scary stuff. Warriors to rapid fire vehicles with support from stalker. Monolith to add some tricks and blast template. Night scythe to help control the sky and drop off immortals for last turn objectives. 

The purple cronz! 


The list looks pretty well balanced. I wouldn't mind fighting it myself. Wraiths could be a definite problem for Greentide. 

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Sounds like a plan. I should

Sounds like a plan. I should have the models soon enough! 

The purple cronz!