Your opinion matters: Dashboard Improvement

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Your opinion matters: Dashboard Improvement

Hey, Warmongers!

So I'm thinking about a potential update to the player dashboard and I need your opinion!

There's a really cool module that lets you customize your dashboard.  But unfortunately, it doesn't really let you customize it using a mobile device (at least not an iThingies).  Would you be okay with having to modify your dashboard using a regular computer for the time being in exchange for being able to choose which panels are displayed on your dashboard?

I believe I can set a number of them as default and I'd pick the most useful ones.


I would cause it would allow

I would cause it would allow me to test it out. If it also keeps it linked to the profile I think that would be fine since if am not mistaken most are user base is computer based, though I can be wrong on this. Looking forward to this and can't wait to see it.

General Soban


I use my phone to read iTS a

I use my phone to read iTS a lot, but generally only use the dashboard on my computer. Sounds like a good plan. 


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Alrighty.  I'm gonna apply a

Alrighty.  I'm gonna apply a new dashboard.  It'll be a while.  I'm in the middle of a HUGE release and it's taking way longer than I want.  Scope creep and all that.  I'll be putting it into place before the end of the year, me hopes.