Belle River Apocalypse X

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    I play Warhammer 40K. I'm a Dark Eldar Snob. I made this site.

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Was actually really a fun game but it was obvious on turn 1 Sizzly was the traitor when he refused to bring in his Phantom Titan to relieve Tyler as i did with my Shadowsword (which died immediatly after shooting once, as expected). Im not sure ive played a single game of 8th edition that came down to the final combat to see who would win or not like this one did, and our failure to kill 3 wounds on an archon with a eversor assassin and lictor combo gave you guys the win ofcourse, i hope to be back nextyear.


And agents of vect is way to good if we allow regen abilities to cover all 3 tables, maybe it should be limited to the table(s) the DE are on, lol, or maybe i just bring a DE sidebar to vect your vects nextime. I did end up with like 15 unspent CP as it was. Either way, great game.

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Did I use Agents of Vect on stuff not targeted at me?  Once maybe.  Twice tops. I was pretty stingy with my CPs. If I did use it to save a team mate that was a HUGE mistake on my part. Heh.