Tyranid army for sale

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Tyranid army for sale. $900 obo. Well over 6000pts

Hive tyrants x 4
Lictor x 5
Exocrine x 1
Tyrannofex x 1
Tervigon x 1
Trygon x 2
Warriors x 9
Hormaguants x 20+
Genestealers x 50+
Hormaguants x 60+
Gargoyles x 10
Harpy x 1
Carnifex x 6
Biovore x 3
Hive guard x 3
Spore mines x 10+
Red terror
Zoanthropes x 5
Neuranthrope x 1
Venomthrope x3
Toxicrene x 1
Rippers x 5+
Broodlord x 1

8th ed tyranid codex
7th ed tyramid codex
7th ed genestealer cults codex