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Battle reports on iToysoldiers drive the stats and rankings of players and armies across all sorts of your favorite table top miniature war games. Record your battles, gather intelligence on your opponents, scope out the battlefields, and claim glory and renown through the exploits of your armies.

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A Tyranids battle report. Victory against Orks on the fields of The Tyrant's Lair on Oct 17, 2017.

Iavor and I played a game today with him using hid Orks as opposed to the usual smurfs. We played deadlock with hammer and anvil deployment. I had: Swarmlord in t-cyte, 20 stealers in a Trygon Prime, 2 20 man termagant squads with some devourers sprinkled in, old one eye, Malanthrope, 2...

A Chaos battle report. Victory against Chaos on the fields of Brimstone Games on Oct 15, 2017.

Alpha Legion Vs Alpha Legion. Magnus Vs Renegade Knight. It was a pretty epic game that came down to a little bit of strategy and a lot of luck on my side. Being the only undefeated player in the tournament I placed 1st, so this is the second tournament I've won.

I forgot to take pictures...