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Battle reports on iToysoldiers drive the stats and rankings of players and armies across all sorts of your favorite table top miniature war games. Record your battles, gather intelligence on your opponents, scope out the battlefields, and claim glory and renown through the exploits of your armies.

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An Astra Militarum battle report. Defeat against Orks on the fields of My Gaff on Jan 31, 2018.

Astra Militarum vs Orks

Farg Woolstrop, company commander.
Gilprect Von Staab, second in command.
Shilum Drool, astropath.
Four infantry squads.
A special weapons squad (flamers).
Veteran squad.
Ratling Squad. 
Two Leman Russ....

An Aeldari & Tau battle report. Victory against Ultramarines & Crimson Fists on the fields of My Gaff on Oct 25, 2017.

Aeldari & Tau vs Ultramarines & Crimson Fists. 3000 points a side.



Autarch : Forceshield, Plasma Grenades, Star Glaive, The Path of Command (Codex)

Farseer : 2. Doom, 3. Fortune, Ghosthelm of Alishazier, Witchblade


10x Dire...