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An Imperial Guard battle report. Defeat against Chaos Space Marines on the fields of Chief's Garage on May 05, 2018.

Brady for his channel reasons asked to not reveal his new army so i wont, i played my guard ripping off what i felt was the best list at canhammer from guard. It had a couple tank commanders and a bandeblade as volstryn for the extra range and strategems. I also had a hellhound, lemon russ conq...

An Ultramarines battle report. Victory against Orks on the fields of Brimstone Games on Apr 14, 2018.


Great game against Ivor. He siezed on me and ran up the board, he has a ton of models but my list with the aggressors they handle hoards well. Likely I'm a list type he has to avoid. Was glad to play his Orks and work out my strategy against such lists. Cheers, West...
A Drukharii battle report. Victory against Space Wolves on Apr 14, 2018.

 Played Colton and his Wolves with for my third game with the Dark Eldar. I brought a mixed force of a Kabal, Wych Cult and Haemonculi with a Ultwe Ballation. Colton’s army was a mix of Infantry supporting a Knight and a Stormfang Gunship. Colton dropped first and won the roll off but I seized...