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A Tyranids battle report. Victory against Orks on the fields of Brimstone Games on Jan 04, 2015.

First game of the new year trying out all my new goodies. Finally able to run the Skyblight formation and also tried out the new flyer aces rules. The former was absolutely devastating. Four flying monstrous creatures (plus any others in primary detachment,) is sheer terror for any army without...

A The Protectorate of Menoth battle report. Defeat against Cryx on the fields of Clockwork Comics on Jan 25, 2014.

This was my third and final game of the steamroller and it was a close game.

His list looked something like this though this is short several points. Cant’ remember it entirely.

Pirate Queen Skarre 
* Deathripper 
* Helldiver 
* Skarlock Thrall 

A Dark Angels battle report. Defeat against Alpha Legion on the fields of Lansing MI on Oct 08, 2017.

Well this didn't go as well as I had hoped.  The new CSM strategems for Noise Marines are pretty good. He had a unit of 20 Alpha Legion Noise Marines that entered via deep strike on my left flank. They got whittled down but their ability to shoot when they fall is very powerful.  His 6 units of...

A Talons of the Emperor battle report. Victory against Chaos Space Marines: Thousand Sons on Apr 17, 2017.

Played a 2000 point game against Matt that featured my 1850 Custodes list with Vindicare assassin against 2000 points of Thousand Sons. The summary of the game was two grinding combats one of a custodes squad against 2 chaos Contemptors and the other a custodes squad against a Daemon Prince and...

A Dark Eldar battle report. Defeat against Space Marines on the fields of Roseville-Gardens Community Center on Feb 24, 2013.

An epic battle between the Kabal of the Malfean Dawn and the Ultramarines.

Sparks was a blast to play.