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A Skorne battle report. Victory against Khador on the fields of Hugin and Munin on Jul 21, 2013.

This was a 22 point game pitting Ryan's new Khador force led by Sorscha1 against Xerxis leading my Skorne Force. Khador also had some Winter Guard with rocket launchers, a Juggernaught, and a Destroyer. I had a min unit of both beast handlers and Cetrati as well as a Gladiator and a Sentry....

A Convergence of Cyriss battle report. Victory against Trollbloods on the fields of Hugin and Munin on Oct 06, 2013.

ok so since me and ryan were both 5-0 for records and didnt think anyone else had the same record, we played off for victory. rolled for game size, low roll so 35pts. he ran with eDoomshaper, mulg, earthborn, mauller, krielstone and janessa i went in with Axis, the prime axiom, inverter, cipher...