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A Skorne battle report. Victory against Retribution of Scyrah on the fields of Hugin and Munin on Nov 24, 2013.

I feel bad reporting this one - Shady's dice utterly crapped out on him. As in 5 out of 8 attack rolls coming up snake eyes so my gators survived an Infiltrator unit's charge. Then to top it off my dice turned so hot I scrapped Hyperion using my Mammoth, only needing five attacks.


A Legion of Everblight battle report. Victory against Cryx on the fields of Gamer's Gambit on Mar 07, 2015.

2nd game of a Steamroller at Gamer's Gambit. Paired up against Terminus with all the mechanithralls. I dropped Saeryn and while I killed a lot of dudes, it just wasn't going to be enough. I had to go for an assassination. I mangaed to kill Terminus on full camp by clearing enough chaff to get...

An Ogre Kingdoms battle report. Victory against Norse on the fields of Pandemonium / Arvard Ardboyz on Sep 25, 2014.

Turn 1 my Leadbelchers nearly demolished his whalers, and a successful chain lightening did a lot of damage. A sabretusk drew the berserkers into combat, which I hoped would make them a good target for the leadbelchers next turn.

Turn 2 he cast a crazy viking spell on my Leadbelchers that...

A Skorne battle report. Victory against Minions on the fields of Hugin and Munin on Jan 12, 2014.

Rueben and I played a 50-point caster kill game so he could scrape off the rust of a long absence.  He had his gators (Barney, wrastler, spitter, snapper, 2 croak hunters, 2 posse and ambushers.  I had Makeda1, molik, glad, marketh, krea, tycomm, nihilators, hakaar, slingers, extoller, handlers...