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A Retribution of Scyrah battle report. Defeat against Circle Orboros on the fields of Dan's Place on Jun 17, 2014.

This game took forever to play out due to him not wanting to get close to me and my lack of pathfinder. Probably not going to play just caster kill for awhile and play the steamroller scenarios because I enjoy then so much better and games dont take three and a half hours.


A Raven Guard battle report. Victory against Tyranids on Nov 06, 2017.

Super close battle that ended with a turn 5 table.  We saw the raven guard barely squeeze by two tyranid hive fleets and some gene stealer assholes. In the end it came down to a barrage of thunderfire cannon shots vs the thrope guy ( I am really bad with rememberling tyranid names) amd just...

A Dark Angels battle report. Defeat against Adeptus Mechanicus on the fields of Lansing MI on Oct 07, 2017.

Game 1 was set objective placement and Dawn of War deployment. My opponent brought 3 detachments: AdMech with Cawl, 2 Onagers, 6 Kastellans and a Datasmith, Ultramarines with a Techmarine and 2 Scout squads, and Guard with 2 Commanders and 3 infantry squads.

Turn 1 started well for me,...