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Played pretty poorly as it was only my second 8th game. But my first round I tried out this list. I think it could perform well and I'd be near the top tables if played well at an event. Trying something else for my second round but I thought I share and maybe discuss if anyone was interested. ...

Below are 3 lists that I am contemplating on bringing to the Michigan GT in October. Need to settle on one asap since 2 of the lists will require some investment. Check out the Michigan GT 40k rules and critique my list given the missions and comp and what have you. Here they are:

List 1- Pure Tyranids

Battalion Detachment (...

Oppressors [361 pts]

Oppressor: Oppressor (Champion), Harbinger (+Mini Arc Caster, +2 Vampires) [281 pts] Corruptors: Corruptor [80 pts]

Vanguard [271 pts]

Hunter Squad: 3x Hunter [105 pts] Reaper Squad: 3x Reaper, Marauder(+Vampire) [166 pts]

Warriors [94 pts]

Warrior Horde: 2x Warriors, Intruder Alpha [94 pts]


Alright so after my first battle in 8th addition and reading over some of the rules a few times over I thought of another list in the hopes that this might work abit better . Now this is still running some of my favorite units but with some changes I had with my first army. In my first list I had alot of elite infantry plus a few psykers and...

So First list im going to try out for 8th Edition. Since im using only fully painted minis and those from my Luna Wolves I thought I go for a nice little fun List.For detachments im going to be running the battalion one since most of my are troops. Now since this is a list im designing of course it has a stable force built around a solid tank...

Company of the Great Wolf

Wolf Lord (105); Power Fist Wolf Claw (45) [150]

5 Scouts (70); Snipers (5), Cloaks (10) [85]
5 Wolf Guard (90); 4 Bolters
7 Wulfen (210); 4 Claws (48), 2 Hammer Shields (40), Pack Leader (20), 1 Frag Launcher (2) [320]

5 Grey Hunters (70);...

Combined Arms Detachment (With World Eaters Ruleset)
Kharn the Betrayer
6 Berserkers (2 plasma pistols); Champion with Lightning Claws
6 Berserkers (2 plasma pistols); Champion with Power Axe

Lord of Skulls

Forsworn Knight Detachment
Renegade Knight with Avenger Gatling Cannon and twin linked Icarus...