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Oppressors [361 pts]

Oppressor: Oppressor (Champion), Harbinger (+Mini Arc Caster, +2 Vampires) [281 pts] Corruptors: Corruptor [80 pts]

Vanguard [271 pts]

Hunter Squad: 3x Hunter [105 pts] Reaper Squad: 3x Reaper, Marauder(+Vampire) [166 pts]

Warriors [94 pts]

Warrior Horde: 2x Warriors, Intruder Alpha [94 pts]


Alright so after my first battle in 8th addition and reading over some of the rules a few times over I thought of another list in the hopes that this might work abit better . Now this is still running some of my favorite units but with some changes I had with my first army. In my first list I had alot of elite infantry plus a few psykers and...

So First list im going to try out for 8th Edition. Since im using only fully painted minis and those from my Luna Wolves I thought I go for a nice little fun List.For detachments im going to be running the battalion one since most of my are troops. Now since this is a list im designing of course it has a stable force built around a solid tank...

Company of the Great Wolf

Wolf Lord (105); Power Fist Wolf Claw (45) [150]

5 Scouts (70); Snipers (5), Cloaks (10) [85]
5 Wolf Guard (90); 4 Bolters
7 Wulfen (210); 4 Claws (48), 2 Hammer Shields (40), Pack Leader (20), 1 Frag Launcher (2) [320]

5 Grey Hunters (70);...

Combined Arms Detachment (With World Eaters Ruleset)
Kharn the Betrayer
6 Berserkers (2 plasma pistols); Champion with Lightning Claws
6 Berserkers (2 plasma pistols); Champion with Power Axe

Lord of Skulls

Forsworn Knight Detachment
Renegade Knight with Avenger Gatling Cannon and twin linked Icarus...

== Primary Detachment: Ynnari Aeldari Reborn Warhost Detachment ==
HQ1 - Farseer (100), Skyrunner Jetbike (15) [115pts] - WARLORD
HQ2 - Farseer (100), Skyrunner Jetbike (15) [115pts]
TROOP1 - 3 Windriders (51), 3x Scatter Laser (30) [81pts]
TROOP2 - 3 Windriders (51), 3x Scatter Laser (30) [81pts]
TROOP3 - 3...

I've tested this list at my place with a another friend of mine multiple times over so far. This list seems to be pretty efficient. I've played against Ultramarines, Necrons, Chaos Space Marines, and Deathguard. Its record as it stands are as follows...... wins 5, loses 1, ties 1. Give a look and see what you think.