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So I'm always trying to squeeze the most amount of killy power out of my list whilst still being able to stay fluffy. So last minute revisions are common right before a tourney. Today is no exception. I dropped the terminators and some gifts of mutation in favor of a vindicator and a squad of raptors. It makes me slightly sad that my beautiful...

Death jester- Haywire gredanes =65
Death Jester- Haywire gredanes =65
Death Jester- Stock =60
Solotaire- Cegorach's Rose, Haywire grenades =165
Shadowseer- The Mask of Secrets, Neuro disrupter, Level 2 =110
Shadowseer- The laughing God's Eye, Neuro disrupter, level 2 =115


So I'm trying something totally different for my second league game. I'm going full on infantry. No tanks. We shall see how it goes. I'm up against Necrons with Orc allies. My plan? Get as much stuff into assault as humanly possible. I can possibly compete with necron shooting so hopefully I can engage em in combat and kill em in assault. That'...

- Chief Librarian Ezekiel.
- Chaplain with plasma pistol.

- 10 Space Marines with missile launcher, plasma-gun and sergeant with combi-plasma.
- 10 Space Marines with plasma cannon, plama-gun and sergeant with plasma pistol.
- 5 Scouts with veteran sergeant armed with melta bombs.

- 5 Company Veterans with...

I've finally settled on my Calth Build Off list:
Praetor in Terminator armour: Rite of War (Berserker Assault); combi-weapon (melta); chainfist; iron halo 167
• 5 Chosen Terminators: Terminator Standard Bearer (chainfist; grenade harness); 4 Chosen Terminators; 3 × combi-weapon; 4 × chainfist; heavy flamer 271