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Here it is folks, the Space Marine army which is my second force. It's battle tried and I'm pleased with the results. It's an effective and fun list to use and it's a great core to expand from. Any suggestions for tweaks are always welcomed.

Combined Arms Detachment
(Chapter Tactics: Ultramarines)

- Tigurius...

So here is my attempt at making a competive list, as most people know I prefer to make a fluff based list but since I want to at least show up for most club days here is my newest list. Using a Battalion Detachment as the main list the list focus's on mobility, firepower, with the ability to land troops where I want them which is a traditional...

Here's a list pulled from White Dwarf 10. It's a 1500 point Tyranid list. Whatcha think?

Hive Tyrant with wings and two twin-linked devourers with brainleech worms.

Tervigon with crushing claws and dessicator larvae.


Three Tyranid Warriors with devourers and rending claws.

23 Hormagaunts....

So I've been thinking and asked myself the question, "Why the hell am I losing so much?". I looked into my play style and realized that there needed to be a drastic change. I looked at my codex once more and suddenly realized that, to be at all somewhat "competitive" with Orks, I needed to go big or go home. I had to have a focus for my list....

I've been trying to up my competitive game over the last year and I recently ran a 1500 point list that did quite well. I took that and tweaked it to the list below. This list is based on my current collection and I'd like feedback on what to change: minor changes would be the most helpful, suggesting I go out and drop $400 to completely...