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== Primary Detachment: Ynnari Aeldari Reborn Warhost Detachment ==
HQ1 - Farseer (100), Skyrunner Jetbike (15) [115pts] - WARLORD
HQ2 - Farseer (100), Skyrunner Jetbike (15) [115pts]
TROOP1 - 3 Windriders (51), 3x Scatter Laser (30) [81pts]
TROOP2 - 3 Windriders (51), 3x Scatter Laser (30) [81pts]
TROOP3 - 3...

So here is my attempt at making a competive list, as most people know I prefer to make a fluff based list but since I want to at least show up for most club days here is my newest list. Using a Battalion Detachment as the main list the list focus's on mobility, firepower, with the ability to land troops where I want them which is a traditional...

I've finally settled on my Calth Build Off list:
Praetor in Terminator armour: Rite of War (Berserker Assault); combi-weapon (melta); chainfist; iron halo 167
• 5 Chosen Terminators: Terminator Standard Bearer (chainfist; grenade harness); 4 Chosen Terminators; 3 × combi-weapon; 4 × chainfist; heavy flamer 271


So this is my design for a semi historical Fallschirmjager reinforced Platnoon for a Normandy Battle. Designed around a core group of Jagers with a enough support weapons to keep up a assualt. The other benifts of this army will be its mechanized element and everyone will be able to mount up in the armies transport. The major concern I have is...

Here's a list pulled from White Dwarf 10. It's a 1500 point Tyranid list. Whatcha think?

Hive Tyrant with wings and two twin-linked devourers with brainleech worms.

Tervigon with crushing claws and dessicator larvae.


Three Tyranid Warriors with devourers and rending claws.

23 Hormagaunts....

Butcherhorde (World Eaters Ruleset)
Maelstrom of Gore
Kharn the Betrayer
5 Khorne Berserkers (Plasma pistol, Champion w/pair of Lightning claws, Rhino w/Dirge Caster)
5 Khorne Bersekers (Plasma pistol, Champion w/Power Axe, Rhino w/Dirge Caster & Havoc Launcher)
5 Khorne Berserkers (Plasma pistol, Champion...

Here is my list that I will be using in the 40k league. It has lots of fire power, speed and physic abilities.

2 Farseers on jet bickes with singing spears

9 Dire avengers with Exarch (shimmer shield and power weapon) in Wave serpent with shuricken cannons and holo fields

6 jet bikes with 2 shuriken cannons

6 jet...